New Online Design Tool Allows For Easy Customization of Memorial Plaques and Grave Markers

Maker Memories introduces a new online design wizard to help customers personalize grave markers and memorial plaques for their loved ones.

The easy-to-use tool eliminates the mistakes that so often happen when companies leave customers out of the design process. At the end of the 3-step design process, users can order the product with the assurance that the final plaque will look exactly as they want.

During this time of difficulty and immense grief, the last thing anyone wants is to feel pressured by the well-meaning sales representatives at funeral homes. Too often, the bereaved family members sanction the home’s hastily drawn up epitaphs and suggested designs.

After choosing the type of headstone and the design, the epitaph, is without a doubt, the most important task when it comes to a loved one’s resting place. Including the deceased family member’s full name and dates of birth and death is a customary practice, but adding a personalized tribute is a matter of choice. In this final instance, family members need to take time to compose those final words.

Marker Memories’ online design tool lets users choose from a selection of designs and compose a fitting epitaph all from the comfort of their homes. At the end of the process, the tool presents the final product just as it would appear after production. The customer can then order the grave markers or memorial plaques in Canada and expect delivery within 4-6 weeks depending on the material.

The innovative company gives customers a choice of aluminum and bronze memorial markers and plaques. The top quality material does not come with a hefty price tag, which is the other reason the company attracts many new and repeat customers.  

Tim Bradshaw applauds the company’s excellent work, “I turned to Marker Memories after another company messed up my order. I paid a small fortune and waited several months for the plaque, only to discover that they spelled my father’s name wrong. It was distressing for sure. I couldn’t afford to shell out another fortune to replace the useless plaque, so I decided to give Marker Memories a shot. I designed the plaque online, something I didn’t get to do with the first one, and placed my order with my fingers crossed. Imagine my surprise when I received a quality product in just five weeks! My eternal gratitude goes out to this awesome team.”

Maker Memories’ commitment to quality starts with giving customers complete control of the design process. The online design tool paves the way for customized memorial plaques and grave markers in Canada. Visit them online at to give it a try.

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