The Road to the Olympics begins with Daniel Timson

West Sussex, United Kingdom – The International Equestrian Federation defines dressage as, “the highest expression of horse training” in which horse and rider are to perform a series of predetermined movements from memory. As many are aware of the sports current context, there are a select few that know the history. Dressage can be traced back to classical Greek and their military. Xenophon was a Military Commander who documented the horse training. They would train their horse’s certain movements to be performed on their command during battle to attack or evade the enemy.

It was not until Europeans in the Renaissance displayed the highly trained horses in equestrian pageants which lead those riding masters to develop a training system. As a result, the Imperial Spanish Riding School of Vienna was established in 1572 and dressage training continues to be based off those principles. Centuries to follow, in 1912, Dressage became an Olympic Sport allowing only military officers to compete. It was not until 40 years later where the rules changed allowing both men and women to compete in the sport.

As for those who aspire to be an Olympian, there is only one person to receive the best Dressage training Crawley from in the United Kingdom, Daniel Timson. For those who are unfamiliar with Daniel’s work, he spent years training in Germany with elite dressage trainers. During his time there, he was the only UK based rider to ride and compete for young stallions in the Westphalian State Stud.

With his experience, Timson can be found training clients of various competition levels, from Novice to the Grand Prix. His regimen is unlike any other Dressage Training Guilford as he provides a complete regimen for both riders and horses.

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Daniel Timson’s training facilities at Exfold Farm are superb as it creates a professional and relaxed environment for the both the horses and their riders. The facilities include 19 stables with rubber floors and automatic drinkers, a secure alarmed tack room, wash bays with hot and cold water, heat lamps, as well as an international, sized out door area.

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