Teenager creates next big social networking app for local areas

18-year-old Austin Wright has created LocoLingo, one of the most engaging and unique social apps we’ve seen so far. This localized social app lets users connect to the people and things within their local vicinity. LocoLingo has built up a lot of talk and following and will be released within the next two months. The app basically allows users to socially interact with each other based off of some of the top apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

“We saw it as more of fixing the problem that there is no localized social platform for people to use to interact with the people around them through the internet. However, once we got things going, we were fixing the problem and creating a unique app at the same time.” stated the 18-year-old founder of LocoLingo, Austin Wright. “We realized there really wasn’t an app that lets users connect to their local area, and localized social networking was long overdue. With LocoLingo, users can easily connect to the people, events, parties, and more right in their local area. We strive to create an app that allows users to engage with each other in dynamic and real-time ways. We anticipate launching our app into college campuses and large cities as LocoLingo will be extremely useful in places like these. Our app will be very fast paced and based off real-time posts and actions. We see it being very popular for high schoolers and college students.

On LocoLingo users can post real-time taken photos and videos that will be viewable by other users for 24 hours before they are deleted. Other users can seamlessly browse through their feed to see what people are posting and showing to the other users around them. On the app, all users must take live photos whether its posting to the live feed or in a chat. On LocoLingo, users can chat each other in a very unique way where each message has its own 24-hour time period and once 24 hours have passed the messages they’ve sent will disappear. The app is all about posting and interacting with other posts for your localized area which allows you to stay in the social loop with just the people around you. It is based on capturing real-time photos and being able to see everything that is going on or happened right around you. This will be great for a place like a college campus where it allows the entire campus of students to now stay socially connected to each other.

Overall, LocoLingo is just a well-rounded social app all based on creating localized social connections and connecting to your local area to see what’s going on, or what happened. LocoLingo is still being developed, and make sure to refer to their website to check out recent updates and content. This is one of the most intriguing apps we’ve seen yet with an amazing story behind it. Stay tuned for a highly anticipated social app that will revolutionize the social networking industry.

If you’re looking for the next big social app then this is the one for you. However, it is based on localized connections so this app will be for the people looking to connect with the people in their local vicinity and stay updated with the active social loop.

Media Contact
Company Name: LocoLingo
Contact Person: Austin Wright
Email: austin@locolingo.com
Phone: (248) 770-7311
Country: United States
Website: www.locolingo.com