Celebrity Ghostwriter & Book Publishing Expert Launches Masterclass to Help Aspiring Writers Become Published Authors

Ardre Orie, celebrity ghostwriter and book publishing expert.
Chicago-based celebrity ghostwriter and book publishing expert Ardre Orie has just launched a new book publishing Masterclass that she believes will help aspiring writers become published authors.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Chicago, IL – When Ardre Orie was composing stories at the age of ten for her classmates at her local elementary school she dreamed of someday becoming a published author. Fast forward a few years and several Amazon hot sellers later, Orie is now teaching other authors how it’s done. In her class Orie builds upon a catalog of work that includes ghostwritten novels and those marketed under her own name to inspire authors to tell their stories ways to publish them for the modern market. The multi-hyphenate media maven knows what she’s talking about when it comes to publishing. Not only is she a writer and book author, but Orie is also the CEO and founder of 13th and Joan, a book publishing, and branding consultancy based in Chicago, Illinois. Orie was encouraged by friends and clients to take the knowledge she has gained in the publishing world and develop it into an educational format. Beginning in the fall of 2017, The Author’s Masterclass will go on the road, its first stop in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I am so happy that our first class will be held in Atlanta,” says Orie. “I love Atlanta. It is a city filled with highly talented, creative people.  It has a vibrant film scene and some of my very favorite authors live in Atlanta or have come from that region. There is so much talent there just waiting to be amplified. With this class I intend to take what I have learned as a successful author and publisher and share that knowledge with others so that they, in turn, can transform their messages and stories into published works to share with the world.”

According to Orie, the course is perfect for writers who have not yet published or sold their first book, but it is also meant for those individuals and entrepreneurs who want to use publishing as a way to establish themselves as an expert in their field. She explains that writing a book is similar to having a Ph.D. in the eyes of the public. People view authorship as a sign of credibility and initiative.  As a ghostwriter, Orie has written several books for business and thought leaders in order to help brand them as subject matter experts in their field and to further promote their careers.

“The title of ‘author’ is still a prestigious accolade in twenty-seventeen,” she says.  “When you are looking at a business and considering where to put your money, you are more inclined to do business with a published author in their respective business or on a specific topic. You intuitively look at them as having more expertise in that field. People know at the very least you are devoted enough to a subject to spend months researching and writing a book about it.”

Books are also a great way to earn passive income. According to Orie “ordinary people” are making between $2 and $4k a month selling books on Amazon and many other distribution channels. Beyond using self-publishing as a tool to create credibility and passive income, it is also a way to put unique and important stories out into the world. Orie cites her work with ABC’s Shark Tank winner Raven Thomas (“The Painted Pretzel”) as being an incredibly important story for people to read about. Thomas was the first Black female to receive funding on Shark Tank.

“Storytelling inspires people to take action in their lives and empowers them to know that they can overcome obstacles,” she says. “Whether it is a true story or fiction, we use books as a source of influence in our lives. I encourage everyone with a story to get out there and tell it.”

The Masterclass so far has six dates in major cities across the US. For those who cannot attend in those cities, 13th and Joan also offers consulting services. For more information, visit: http://iamardreorie.com/masters-class/

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