Can the English teach Americans entrepreneurship

One company thinks they can – and it’s FREE.

The British may once again try to invade America. But this time, it’s a bunch of English business pros, who want to help American entrepreneurs – live the American dream.

Business School Popup will be holding free, week-long, classes in across the U.S. The first class will be in Longmont, CO. The PopUp Business School will teach students how to:

            * Start a business with no money, no debt

            * Build a website for free

            * Find and sell to customers quickly

            * Make money doing what you love

            * All without cumbersome business plans

“Over 42% of people made their first sale at recent workshop,” co-founder Alan Donegan said. “Running the event on Main Street allows us to setup quickly and reach new customers testing ideas immediately.”

Knowing how to generate sales and having an online presence, often holds people back from starting a business. Most small business fail to generate enough revenue to sustain the business long term. Who wants to leave their 9-5 job only to work 9-9 struggling with marketing. A lot of people have a passion – something they love to do – but they lack the sales engine to make that passion a profitable business.

Business School Popup is unique, instead using debt to start a business, it teaches sales based startup methods.  If you sell first, you can generate the revenue to build a business; if you borrow money you are taking a huge risk. The biggest killer of small businesses is cash flow – and the lack of it.

“Wow!! Amazing you guys are awesome. I made two sales on day one of the Popup Business School,” Jeff (Erbie The Clown) said.  “My web site is going from strength to strength, my twitter account has 17 followers already and I had one customer book me.”

It’s results like this that caused the Business School Popup to come to America after seven successful years in the UK.

Often people have a number of business ideas, so the Business School Popup also helps students focus on the right business idea. And the best ways to execute that idea.

“Excellent advice and information to inspire your choice of business,” Leyla, of Newport stated. “They gave me encouragement and confidence to believe in my business.”

The Robin Hood Business model enables Business School Popup to be free for entrepreneurs. 

The school finds people with money (sponsors), then gives the event to people need the help.

Business School Popup started by focusing on helping the people that need it the most to get going.  Primarily supporting unemployed people and disadvantaged communities in the UK, Popup Business School wants to bring their Robin Hood Business model to America.

This video shows the first week’s activities:

Video Link:

For more info about the Business School Popup, and to learn when an event is in your area, visit:

The sponsors are successful businesses – unlike many general business classes – everyone involved understands running a successful business.

Sponsors include: – Financial Freedom Through Badassity (yes, that how it’s spelled) – The Best Web Hosting Starting at $3.95/month* – Learn Web Design, Coding & Much More

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