Yonatan Malka Is Bringing Reaction, a Corporate-Focused Wellness Program, to San Francisco, California

Yonatan Malka, professional athlete turned corporate consultant, engages corporate environments in wellness programs that revolutionize team building, social competence, and workplace productivity.

San Francisco, California – Yonatan Malka, founder and CEO of his corporate-focused wellness program Reaction, started his early career as a professional athlete for the Israeli national triathlon team.

Now, he’s bringing his athletic knowledge to the corporate scene through a wellness coaching startup, Reaction.

Earlier in life, Yonatan Malka traveled the world and competed in over a dozen countries, gaining accolades for his athletic skills. His achievements include placing 15th in the European U23 Championship and twice winning at the Israel National U18 Triathlon Championship.

He sought new heights in his athletic career and continued building his ambitions toward eventually competing in the Olympic Games. However, he was stopped short by an injury that has left him unable to achieve his dreams.

From there, Malka turned his ambitions in a new direction. He went back to school and earned certifications in athletic coaching and education, as well as a degree in marketing and business management.

Malka believed that physical activity could be used as a tool to improve personal and social abilities and lead to higher rates of success and happiness in life.

“Fitness isn’t just a means to lose weight and look better. It’s a means to live better and achieve more.” – Yonatan Malka, CEO and founder of Reaction

Malka took this new insight into fitness education and wellness coaching and put it to the test in various programs across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He used running to teach English as a second language, fitness as a bridge between cultures and physical activity as a means for self-improvement.

With over 20 years of experience in the sports industry, Malka has demonstrated the power of fitness in every sphere of life. Reaction is a new generation of wellness programs intended for corporations of all types. Reaction isn’t just an employee exercise routine that’s nice to have for employees. Rather, Reaction serves to improve team building, communication, and social and marketing skills through unique urban fitness routines.

Malka’s Reaction has drawn in numerous interested parties from product development teams, law firms and investment funds to big corporations such as Microsoft, Nike, Ernst&Young, ampm and more. Reaction’s various employee engagement programs through fitness have achieved remarkable results for Israeli companies.

Starting this year, Yonatan Malka is bringing Reaction to San Francisco, California. He plans to expand the reach of his wellness programs and offer companies the opportunity to incorporate a fun and effective wellness program that will improve employee engagement, social competence, and productivity in the workplace.

For more information about Reaction and the programs it offers, contact Yonatan Malta at train@reactionclub.co.il or go to his website at eng.reactionclub.co.il.

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