A One of a Kind Upcoming Business Model Will Enable People to Buy Dinner From Their Cryptocurrency

Dinnerful Network is Making Dinner Available Through Blockchain & It is Offering a Great Menu Along With Several Other Unique Services

September 14, 2017 – Dinnerful Network has proudly announced that it will be making dinner available on blockchain with its amazing presale starting from Monday September 18th, 2017. The presale will continue till October 3rd, 2017 and it is going to be a one of a kind sale. This new and unique business model will enable people to buy real dinner with the emerging cryptocurrency and will set a new precedence in the industry. In addition, the network is also offering meals, partnerships, franchises and a virtue crypto terminal along with several other amazing offers.

“There is a great potential of bitcoin and Ethereum and Dinnerful Network’s unique business model along with the MCD coin have a great future ahead.” said Michael Wan CoFounder of Dinnerful Network while talking about the new offer. “MCD coin is better than Burger King’s whopper coin in the usage feature to buy real dinner because whopper coin can only be collected when buying a burger and use it as a coupon while MCD can be used to pay dinner service at Dinnerful Network and many future travel lodging services etc.” he added. According to Michael, the model introduced will enable franchise owners to own and run a digital food truck powered by the network.

In addition, if the market price of MCD fell below initial price, MCD holder can always buy dinner using MCD initial offering dollar price at dinnerful.com. Consequently, this model will make MCD hold its value and stabilize the market. The process for registration is quite easy and users can select from plenty of dining choices and meals available. Moreover, they can also select the right menu from the website and get started. In addition, the MCD payment network saves credit card processing cost of 20 dollars to 12 cents and can change the landscape of the payment industry.

Another great feature of this franchise business model is that it offers wonderfully productive franchise opportunities to restaurant and business owners. This means that the restaurants that contribute MCD tokens to become partners will be able to enjoy free initial crypto payment service. This way, the franchise owners will be able to sell or expand their business as the market continues to grow and it will help them in increasing their profits from this model. Moreover, these franchise owners will be granted use of the Dinnerful trademarks and all the proprietary tools they need to open virtual storefronts to sell meal plans.

Founded in 2015 with $250,000 initial seed round money from 4 private investors/founders, Dinnerful Network is an order and payment service network connecting worldwide restaurants and catering industry onto blockchain at the crypto-market. In addition to using MCD token for meal and other future services, dinners can also trade MCD at secondary market for liquidity. Therefore, these franchises will allow entrepreneurs to open a restaurant business without having any type of storefront. According to the network, this is like a digital food truck that is powered by the Dinnerful Network.

For more information and go sign up now, please visit the website: www.dinnerful.com

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