The Ultimate Escape Room Reality Game is Breaking Records

California State Escape Has Recently Opened up a New Escape Room in Sacramento & Players Are Loving it

Sacramento, CA, USA – September 14, 2017 – California State Escape has proudly announced that they have recently opened up a new escape room for business. California State Escape is a real life adventure game based off the online escape room games. In this increasingly popular game, players use elements of the room to find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately escape from the room within 60 minutes.

“We are proudly offering a series of cooperative, real-life escape rooms where everything is interesting and exciting,” said David Chau of the California State Escape. “It is basically an adventure space where nothing is as it seems and players need to find a way out within 60 minutes,” he added. In order to successfully escape a room, a player is required to solve a series of puzzles that will challenge his or her mind and confuse the senses.

In addition, the game is all about exploring, adaptation, working together in collaboration, thinking creatively and most importantly about survival. The game focuses on challenges, mental abilities, transformation and team building. The game has received a phenomenal response from the players from around the world and it has been a great activity for parties, families, couples and friends of all age groups.

Besides its amazing features, the game teaches techniques about deciphering, unlocking and solving the puzzles in a real world scenario. Because of its real world experience, the game is gaining more and more popularity each day and several other companies are creating games like this due its immense success. The ratings and reviews by the players are boosting up online and thousands of players have attempted escape attempts to beat the time and score of their competition.

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