H3 4 Wheels Electric Wheelchair Expands Airwheel’s Business Field

Airwheel is always diligent to expand its business field. This year, it welcomes a new series – H series. H3 motorized wheelchair indicates that Airwheel enters into a brand-new field. At the same time, people will gain a brand-new lifestyle. Sit to travel around. That will be a new and interesting experience.

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In traditional concept, wheelchair is exclusively designed for disabled people. However, the newcomer of Airwheel – H3 motorized wheelchair has altered such an idea. Wheelchair can be a brand-new travel mode as well as lifestyle. It keeps the basic elements of traditional wheelchairs. At the same time, it has achieved great innovations and upgrades. Travelling around by sitting posture will be an excellent experience. Airwheel H3 motorized wheelchair finally made it.

Airwheel H3 smart wheelchair

Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchairs is made from high-quality materials. Its shell selects light and solid aluminum alloy, which offers better load capacity as well as excellent durability. Its seat adopts comfortable and breathable material that is wear-proof and durable. No matter how long people seat, they won’t feel fatigue. Besides, H3 has four wheels in all. The front two wheels are Omni-directional wheels. The 360-degree steering makes riders change direction at will. The rear two big wheels make travel smooth and safe. Moreover, their surface is designed into special tread pattern that owns perfect skid resistance and strong adaptability to many different road conditions. Even if on bumpy road, H3 can run very smoothly. Powerful drive force is another feature. On the basis of branded lithium-ion battery, it has sufficient and forceful power supply. The rear gear motor with dual drive brings it powerful kinetic energy.

Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchairs

It is very easy to control Airwheel H3 smart wheelchair. The equipped handle controller has several buttons, like power button, horn button, lower speed adjusting button, higher speed adjusting button, automatic folding button, operational rocker guidance and speed display meter. Different button has different function, but all of them can be easily operated by one hand. Among them, the automatic folding button fully embodies the intelligence of H3. When people get home, they can press this button and H3 will become very small figure, which is helpful to save parking space. Great practicability and high safety make H3 own very big market share.

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