Sparks Introduces a Suspenseful/Mysterious Adventure in Pink Mountain

A novel that plays on one’s imagination and fear

P.H Sparks redefines gripping suspense and heart-pumping action in his newest novel with a lot of surprises and twists thrown in for good measure. Pink Mountain introduces the main character Bryan Delman who has a good position with the company he worked for. His life seems so normal until his greedy boss decided to steal his biggest contract and set him up in a conspiracy that threatens to ruin his life and family.

While staying away from an investigation to clear his name Bryan is thrown into a world he knows nothing about. He is now faced with the biggest challenge of his life- to be a human or to be the monster that threatens to overwhelm him. He becomes a part of a world he never thought existed.

A book that has many twists and turns along with the innovative applications of psychological intrigue, Pink Mountain feeds readers’ imaginations on mysterious and puzzling phenomenon.

P.H Sparks’ interest in this type of genre is rooted on his studies of the occult and of things that scare people at night. One review says it is terrifying because it plays on one’s fear of the dark and not being able to see what might be coming. Still, the fear is balanced with the action-packed events that unfold the conspiracy Bryan was caught into.

Pink Mountain is definitely a well-crafted and thoroughly entertaining tale for readers of all ages.

P.H Sparks

Pink Mountain

Copies of the book are available at: Amazon, Google Books, Abebooks,  ebay, Barnes and Noble, and other resellers.

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About the Author:

P. H Sparks has always been interested in the myths and legends of world cultures both past and present. He currently lives in Lethbridge Alberta with his wife Christine, son Adam and their family cat, Willow.

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