Hao You Lai Hot and Sour Rice Noodles – The World-famous Taste

In Sept. 2017, Hao You Lai Hot and Sour Rice Noodles was displayed on the screen in New York Times Square, the USA, demonstrating “Signboard hot and sour rice noodles goes around the equator in the past 25 years.” As the leading Chinese hot and sour rice noodles brand, Hao You Lai has marketed for itself for the first time in the USA. It determines to make Chinese hot and sour rice noodles internationalized, introducing authentic Chongqing hot and sour rice noodles abroad for foreign friends to enjoy.

New York Times Square is called “the crossroads of the world”. With over 100 years of history, New York Times Square has visitors flow volume of 70,000 times per day, with over 100 million times a year, as a landmark of New York. Splendid neon and characteristic street artists gather here, with rich features of a metropolis. Outdoor billboards attract world top brands and the sights of the globe. Hao You Lai also makes the brand spread around the world through this screen to open a way to the internationalization and being recognized.

Hao You Lai was established in Snack Street, Bayi Road, the Liberation Monument, Chongqing City in 1992 and has a history of 25 years. Since it has authentic taste, guests fall in love with the rice noodles and talk about it with each other. Having been transmitted and transmitted, now it has become the most representative brand hot and sour rice noodles in Chongqing. Hao You Lai Liberation Monument Flagship Store has become the landmark cuisine in Snack Street, Bayi Road. Every day, guests from all over the world come to the store and have a taste. It sells about 5,000 bowls of rice noodles per day.

In 2016, Hao You Lai started to open up chain store business. After only several months, the number of chain stores was over 150, covering almost all the provinces in China and were praised and by many foreign friends. It represents that Hao You Lai has been recognized and welcomed by world market. But the company has a greater ambition. In April, 2017, it started an e-commerce project to combine the online business with offline business perfectly.

Hao You Lai has stepped onto the stage of New York, and it’s a also a milestone which marks that Hao You Lai is dedicated to expanding its business to foreign market. This is also a bridge linking Chinese and foreign cuisine culture, leading Chinese cuisine to the whole world and introducing Chongqing cuisine to more people.

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