A 100% Swiss-made Unique Automatic Watch, Wilhelm Tell launched on Kickstarter

Independent Swiss watch designer Eddy Burgener has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in support of his exclusive Wilhelm Tell timepiece which is 100% Swiss-made automatic watch at a moderate price.

Indie Swiss watch designer Eddy Burgener has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its unique 100% Swiss-made automatic watch. Entitled as “Wilhelm Tell”, the watch speaks of a legendary dimension as well as embodies the indomitable Swiss will and tenacity. It’s a patent pending registered model, backed by ergonomic design, refined, elegant make and easy wearability.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise around CHF 120,000 by September 30, 2017. 

“Being a watch designer I have always been looking to design a complete Swiss-made timepiece that won’t cost a fortune. It apparently seems to be unrealistic and utopian, but I am elated that I have been able to fulfill my dream finally with ‘Wilhelm Tell’. The watch was born in the light of new Swiss legislation that came to effect this year. As per the new legislation, 60% of the watch would be Swiss made, and all other parts could be derived from other places (read Asia). But being a Swiss watch designer, I always had great faith in the resources and manufacturing of my country. So, from spring 2016, I have been contemplating on designing & producing an exclusive watch that would be entirely made in Switzerland and also should come at a moderate price. No the concept is not unrealistic anymore since I have been able to make the watch and now looking forward to mass production. Thus, this crowdfunding campaign. Let’s join hands to bring this exotic Swiss beauty to the world”, stated Eddy Burgener while announcing the Kickstarter campaign.

The new unique watch is made from a robust 316L stainless steel case which is entirely machined and finished in Switzerland with premium Swiss laser decoration. It sports a luxe sapphire crystal and brass dial with a dimension of 42mm diameter and less than 10 mm height. Every part of the watch- from the dial to ring to gaskets to casing ring to hands to crown to movement to buckle- each of these has been designed and manufactured in Switzerland. The strap is made from genuine leather which is refined, cut as well as assembled in the country only. The presentation box (made from recycled material) has been cut out, folded and printed in Switzerland.

“We are glad to present a high quality 100 percent Swiss made watch which is sporty, elegant, a charm to wear and boasts a convenient ergonomic design. It is engineered with a cutting edge luminescent material for numbers and hands to ensure perfect readability at day and night. Moreover, the watch resistant up to 30 m (3 BAR) and fully complies with Euro REACH standards. It’s unique and the fruit of long experiments with technical aesthetics. We are hopeful Wilhelm Tell is going to introduce a new horizon to the Swiss and international watch industry.”

The Wilhelm Tell watch comes up in 4 spectacular models and is available for both men and women.


Backers would be rewarded with the unique Wilhelm Tell watch in their choice of dials at highly discounted prices. 


To show your support for Wilhelm Tell, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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Company Name: The Wilhelm Tell Watch
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Country: Switzerland
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