Introducing Sole Bright: A Product to Fix Sole Discoloration

The fast-acting, affordable product is now available for purchase at Angelus Direct’s online store.

Angelus Direct, manufacturers of the most reputable sneaker paint in the world, adds Sole Bright to its line of shoe restoration products. Sole Bright uses a powerful agent to oxidize shoe soles and restore them to the original bright condition.

Some sneakers, like the Air Jordan 11 Space Jams, have icy soles that yellow with time. Even collectors’ editions that are stored in the closet will eventually turn yellow through a process known as oxidation. The icy soles on some shoes turn yellow when the clear synthetic rubber comes into contact with oxygen. Sole Bright’s brightener penetrates deep into the sole, with the help of the sun’s UV light, to brighten the yellow hue on the surface and within the sole.

Sole Bright’s anti-oxidant properties remove the yellowing on sneakers when activated by a UV light from the sun. Many people, who love their sneakers, have already tried Sole Bright and attest its ability to fix shoe discoloration. A 4-oz bottle of the solution costs $12 and may be applied to several pairs of shoes depending on the extent of yellowing.

Another popular product at Angelus Direct’s online store is the leather shoe repair kit. The Starter Kit includes an easy cleaner, a premium scrubber brush, leather preparer and deglazer, 3 leather paints of choice, acrylic finisher, and a paint brush set. The kit maintains a 5-star rating even after hundreds of reviews, and now with a discounted price, the repair kit is cheaper than purchasing a new pair of shoes. The 1-oz bottle cost $26.95 after discounts and the 4-oz bottle cost $32.95 after a 25 percent discount.

Happy customers leave tons of feedback at the online store, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. One such customer is Giles Aboud, a sneaker enthusiast. “I collect sneakers and do my best to keep them in immaculate condition. Sole Bright helps me keep my sneakers’ soles good as new and the shoe repair starter kit allows for simple repairs and customization. I can change the colors of my everyday shoes whenever I want or touch up the paint when the leather seems faded. The paint really adheres to the leather without peeling or other complications.”

Angelus Direct offers fast and free shipping for orders over $75. They also accept PayPal and credit cards for convenient checkout. Visit the store to check out the leather shoe repair kit and other products.

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