Nationally Recognized Health and Nutrition Coach for Women Consuelo Davis Reaches Amazon Best Seller List with Her Brand-New Book “Local Business Mavericks”

Local Business Mavericks featuring Consuelo Davis hits #1 on the Best Sellers List.

The Midwest’s top Health and Nutrition Coach for Women, Consuelo Davis, hit #1 on Best Seller List for the recent release of Local Business Mavericks. Her book also reached #2 in the Business & Money category for the Kindle Store.

Local Business Mavericks is a compilation of one-on-one conversations with some of the top entrepreneurs in their industry designed to share their strategies to overcome the toughest obstacles standing in the way of their customers’ success.

Davis’s insight into weight loss and diet related health complications is based on 29 years’ experience and is right on target.

She states, “I inspire others to become the healthiest versions of themselves. I help women who lack confidence in themselves. They’re aware they’re overweight, but don’t know how to change their habits. I help women who are sick and tired of being exhausted when they get home, but still must decide what to make for dinner. Will that dinner add weight or throw off their blood sugar? I help women who are tired of aches, pains, and discomforts that lower their quality of life. I have a husband, two sons, a daughter-in-law and five grandchildren. My deepest wish is that all of my family, friends, and clients understand that food is medicine to avoid the health problems that are so common these days.”

Davis has made headlines quite a bit recently, most notably for her 90-day program to lose weight, clear up complexion, and prevent diabetic tendencies.

It’s most likely for this reason that many people nationwide consider her the most real and relevant Health and Nutrition Coach for Women in tune with the marketplace today.

Consuelo Davis has worked with doctors with programs to improve diabetes and has been part of a state program to teach individuals how to live a healthy life with chronic conditions. She is also a Certified Wellness Chef, Raw Food Chef, Health Coach and has been an advocate of Functional (complimentary) Medicine for over thirty years. Consuelo’s super-insights can help business owners have healthy employees, so they can get their businesses to the next level. She speaks on subjects like how to manage stress, and how to curb sugar cravings.

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