Loris Greaud brings abandoned Murano glass factory to life through exhibition for Biennale

Famous French artist Loris Greaud has reopened a long abandoned glass factory in Murano to revive the glass making legacy of the island through his immersive exhibition for 57th Venice Biennale.

Venice, Italy – September 14, 2017 – Murano glassmakers have always been a pride of Venetian architecture for their magical sorcery with glass. Unfortunately,  the declining fate of the glass industry in recent times has forced a bunch of glassmakers to shut down their factories that had once been the cradle of some of the finest glass-arts in the country.

However, things don’t look so grim of late- thanks to Loris Greaud. With the bid to revive the iconic glass art of Murano, the renowned French artist has reopened a deserted glass furnace in the island and is hosting an immersive exhibition there for the 57th Venice Biennale.

Loris Greaud has chosen Campollieto della Pescheria glass furnace for his exhibition which had been abandoned since the 1960s. Entitled as the “The Unplayed Notes Factory”, the offsite exhibition is curated by Nicolas Bourriaud and is a part of Glasstress initiative at Palazzo Franchetti. Inaugurated in May, The Unplayed Notes Factory would run through the 7-month long course of the 57th  Venice Biennale that would conclude on November 26. 

It marks a commendable step on part of the great artist who has attempted to revive the lost treasure of Murano for the sake of art and artists. Much to the delight of the visitors, The Unplayed Notes Factory is designed to host  a new trade overall – precisely, an unofficial line of production which supposedly preserves the mystique vitrification of hourglass sand with the aim to make time stand still!

Loris Greaud has sought the help of local glassmakers for the project who has readily agreed to help the artist in reviving their once-glorious-but-now-declining industry. The chief installation space has been decked up with 1,000 grey glass chandeliers that are made from the hourglass sand. As they glow and dim, a faint brooding tune comes to play which reminds of a mysterious suspense clip from a sci-fi movie. A unit of the glass factory has been sectioned off where you have glassblowers layering up to create ceiling pieces with an archaic century-old kiln. 

After they are made, the pieces would be hung on conveyor belt. Time and again, the pieces would be released one by one so that they quickly crash to the ground. The crushed pieces would be duly swept up and recycled for making new pieces. 

Speaking on the project, the French artist said – “the seamless performance of glass blowers will soon transform the site into an exotic tableau vivant.”

Loris and the local glassmakers working on the project are hopeful that with the ovens burning, smokescreens evaporating and glass volumes taking a solid shape once again-the factory’s fate would finally revive back to its old glorious days after years of abandonment. 

For more information on how to reach the Campollieto della Pescheria factory and further details on The Unplayed Notes Factory, visit http://theunplayednotesfactory.com/

Video Link: http://player.vimeo.com/video/216418299 

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