New Natural and Raw Vegan Energy Bars

IndieGogo is the platform for the Munkee Bar, presented as a ‘deliciously junk-free energy bar with honest ingredients and nothing to hide’

14th September, 2017 – Sarasota – The ever-growing market for healthy foods and energy bars has a new competitor, which is being launched today, via crowdfunding. Offering a blend of the energizing effects of superfoods that athletes and highly active professionals look for, when needing a quick energy kick for the day, with the organic, raw and fully natural features that people need to stay healthy, the Munkee Bar promises to offer customers the best of both worlds.

“We’re letting people know that the Munkee Bar is the sensible organic snack to eat no-nonsense nutritious and energizing food on the go. It doesn’t have unpronounceable ingredients, or even a suspiciously large ingredient list. What it does have is a mix of honest, healthy ingredients that are brought together in a recipe that’s made to leave people satisfied, energized while looking forward to enjoying the next Munkee Bar”, stated John Santos, the founder of Munkee Bar.

“Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, and raw energy bars do not have to feel like you’re eating some kind of sweetened dry straw. Our recipes are exciting combinations of energizing super ingredients that offer exciting flavors and a very welcome stamina boost that everyone wants to enjoy at any time of a busy day”, Mr. Santos added.

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Before getting to the crowdfunding stage, the Munkee Bar has a history of personal struggles with digestive and other health problems. “Before I educated myself about food, I ate all kinds of processed food, which was keeping me sick and unhealthy all the time. That was when my wife and I decided to combine her passion for baking and cooking with our need to eat in a healthy way. And, in our very kitchen, she came up with delicious recipes of energy bars that helped us to be healthy, feel good and enjoy what we eat. Now we’ve branded them as the Munkee Bar and we want to share them with the world”, the crowd funder added. The ‘Munkee Bar’ crowdfunding campaign is seeking to raise $10,000 on IndieGoGo, and it can be found at

For more information or to be the first one to try Munkee Bar’s, please visit  or contact John Santos, at  or by phone 561-308-8778.

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