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Breaking up is always hard, let Eidelman & Associates handle your case while you are facing an emotional phase.

A Divorce case in Pennsylvania is classified as no-fault or fault type.  The contesting parties can get the divorce order as early as 90 days in a mutual type no-fault case else the plaintiff must have to wait for two years if it’s not consensual.  On the other hand, one party must have to prove the fault based ground on taking a fault type divorce. Eidelman & Associates is a top-notch divorce attorney in Allentown PA firm that has a positive and long history of handling Divorce and family law cases.

When a divorce is contested in Pennsylvania, a court-appointed attorney, called the Master in Divorce hears the case and forwards the recommendation to the court.  The founder of Eidelman & Associates, Ms. Mary J.B.  Eidelman has herself served as a Divorce Master and Mediator in Lehigh County during her 30-plus year’s legal career.  Therefore, she is comprehensively familiar with the process.  Ms. Eidelman has earned a reputation in the area of divorce through her long dedication.  There cannot be a better call in Lehigh County as she will not only provide a legal recommendation but she will also represent the matter during the hearing.

Whether the divorce is due to a fault or not, the parties need to agree on certain issues like Alimony and Division of assets.  The attorneys at the Eidelman & Associates are prepared to handle even the most complex divorce cases, that includes High-Asset divorce and complicated financial issues cases.  Since the separation laws are complicated and tend to focus more on factors, there is a great financial risk for divorcees that don’t opt for a divorce attorney in Allentown PA.

Specifically, in the US, Alimony amount does not depend on gender base.  The higher earning spouse has to bear the burden of Alimony.  This amount depends on certain elements, like the age of spouse, duration of the marriage, the ability of spouse and so on.  A smart lawyer can adjust the Alimony amount in his favor by convincing the court of the legal requirements.  Since Eidelman & Associates has got the experience of over 30 years, they have many precedents to prove the case. 

Child custody and child support are the next points to be considered after a divorce.  Getting the child custody order with the child support requires a very strong reason, especially when the advocating spouse is not the higher earner.  Thus, it is crucial to win such a case and Eidelman & Associates is the best divorce attorney in Allentown, Pa to help you get the win.  Eidelman & Associates are experts whose assistance is not only limited tothe divorce order but will also handle post-divorce financial issues and family law cases.  Additionally, the firm will also assist in personal injury and complex business litigation too.

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