KexCoin Raising £85 Million Through Initial Coin Offering

Supported By Kexgill, An Award Winning British Student Accommodation Company

Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom – September 14, 2017 – The KexCoin ICO is taking place from 9/15/2017 to 10/14/2017. This marks a golden opportunity for the public to purchase tokens backed by a 39-year-old award winning company. The setup uses blockchain support for its tokens to produce a distinct cryptocurrency.

The Kexgill Group is responsible for operating the ICO. The European firm, which focuses extensively on promoting college accommodations for students, has grown 70X over the past 30 years. The firm especially focuses on relationships with universities and strong purchase strategies that are carefully analyzed and reviewed.

The KexCoin ICO was conceived in May 2017. The event starts on September 15 with a crowd sale. The sale closes on October 14. Property purchases then commence in November. People will have time to secure their orders, thus improving upon how good transactions are made.

Blockchain support is particularly emphasized here. Digital currency or cryptocurrencies backed by real life assets is becoming an increasingly popular trend over the past few months with several ICO’s raising over $100MM. The ICO entails coins being sold to people with the intention of them being easily traced and controlled, while also increasing in value. Blockchain works well for many needs although the coins are expected to be burned in this particular setup, which seems to be a huge value proposition for the token holders. As the scarcity of the coins increases, it drives up the value.

All coins are debt-free and entail new liabilities to outside parties. KexCoin tokens are utilized as they are bought back by Kexgill with 50 percent of net profits generated from the system. The tokens are then burned, thus ensuring all participants have access to an exclusive setup for the money. The remaining 50 percent profits are then utilized to expand the property portfolio Kexcoin has been diligently working on improving the buyback process to ensure the company’s success while also rewarding their initial token holders.  They anticipate returning over £990M to token holders over the next 30 years, more details on that can be found here.

The key part of the transaction is that it is a fully independent and direct setup. It is a transparent option that bypasses basic banking services and improves upon how people have direct control over the coins they have.

The Kexgill group, with over £120 million in assets, confirm there is a strong potential for great profits to come out of what is being offered.

Additional information on the ICO can be found online at This includes full information from a whitepaper prepared by the organization to give clients a clear idea of how well the program will work.

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Contact: Richard Stott

Phone Number: +44 01482 343818

Company: KexCoin LTD/Kexgill Group

Address: 56 Cottingham Road, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU6 7RA


Media Contact
Company Name: KexCoin LTD/Kexgill Group
Contact Person: Richard Stott
Phone: +44 01482 343818
Country: United Kingdom