Military Veteran starts campaign for providing bottled water to the victims of tragedies

Gregory Henderson, a 25-year service disabled veteran and owner of the water distribution company Camo Springs Water, LLC has launched a fundraising campaign on to provide bottled water to the victims of various tragedies and disasters. He intends to provide clean, bottled water to anyone around the US, who is suffering from any tragedy and in need of drinking water. To accomplish his mission, he has teamed up with some of the popular organizations, such as Dream Center Gulf Coast and more, that are willing to help with fair dissemination of water.

As a responsible and empathetic citizen, Gregory is taking personal interest to ensure that the purchased pallets of water go to the ones in need. For that, he will travel to the target destinations and share the deliverance of water through social media. Initially, his campaign is targeted to Texas but he invites people in other areas like Flint, and Florida to contact him. He calls out all the churches, fraternities, sororities, military groups, businesses, clubs, and individuals to come forward and support this campaign. He also provides businesses a chance to brand the individual bottles with their logo.

The aim of the crowdfunding campaign is to raise $1,000,000 which will cover the cost of manufacturing, shipping and handling the water bottles. One pallet of water will have 84 cases i.e. 2016 bottles. Considering that an average individual requires 1 gallon of water per day, one case of water is supposed to last for 3 days for one person. More donations would mean that the team will be able to provide more water to the people. Water is the basic necessity for survival and the people who’re deprived of it due to any reasons such as natural disasters, man-made disasters or other tragedies will benefit from this campaign.

As soon as enough funds come in to cover the cost of shipping one pallet, it’ll be processed for transfer to the intended destination.Gregory is also trying to team up with an organization from Caribbean Islands so that he can transfer water there as well. He urges people all over the world to support this campaign with as much amount as possible so that he can provide safe drinking water for the tragedy victims.

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