Boriz Jersey offers a variety of sports jersey and pool cues is a leading online store that provides a wide range of sports jerseys and pool cues as well as products in other categories. The customers can find high-quality custom made sports jersey online under various categories such as baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and soccer. The store also features Polo shirts, Jackets, and more clothing items.  All the sports fans can find the jerseys of their favorite teams and clubs in a variety of styles and colors. The jerseys are available in sewn graphics, embroidered patch and printed designs. The store provides the option of getting the custom back name and number printed on the back. There are multiple sizes available to choose from the shipping takes 3 to 5 weeks.

Boriz Jerseys also feature the Jersey collection by Hard and Morrissey & Macallan. The customers can also find a wide range of cheer leader uniforms in gorgeous colors and design. The ‘revenge of the nerds’ dress in black & white, Blue mountain state goats cheerleader dress in blue and Westerberg high school cheerleader uniform in black are some of the popular items from the store. All the outfits are made using high-quality comfortable fabric and available in multiple sizes for perfect fit. The online store also offers baseball caps and Tucker hats for the sports lovers in various designs and colors. In every category, the customers have a wide range of items to choose from so that they always find what they’re looking for. Another popular category is the pool cues that provide a variety of Polo cues from the leading brands at attractive prices. The customers can also find athletic and baseball shorts at the online store.

Apart from the sports jerseys and accessories, the online store also offers products in the category Footwear and Jewelry.  The Jewelry section features unique and gorgeous designs of pendants, bracelets, necklaces, hand cuffs, studs, earrings and more. The online store accepts payments through Paypal, Credit and Debit Cards while it also offers a full refund is applied within 30 days of purchase. All the Pool cue shafts can be replaced if warped over time due to climate. The buyer will only have to pay a shipping cost of $20 and avail free replacement of the product.

The website of Boriz Jerseys features a user-friendly interface and on call customer service for a smooth shopping experience. More information about the brand and products can be found at

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