HAGA & Brunette Farmette\’s Survival Seeds Pack Giveaway Delivers Successful Results

“Brunette Farmette’s GROW t-shirt and HAGA’s survival seeds pack”
HAGA and Brunette Farmette hosted a successful giveaway in support of the struggling young farmers of America.

Carson City, NV – September 15, 2017 – Home and Garden America (HAGA) recently teamed up with Brunette Farmette for a special Instagram giveaway. The contest was hosted on HAGA’s official Instagram account known as The Happy Gardening Life. The grand prize included a GROW t-shirt personally designed by Brunette Farmette, as well as HAGA’s very own survival seeds pack which contains 50 varieties of heirloom fruits and vegetables.

With a total value of $72.49, the giveaway was an instant hit within the online gardening community—not just for the coveted prize but also for the good cause behind it. The event was actually for the benefit of the National Young Farmers Coalition, a non-profit organization that helps young independent farmers face the numerous challenges of operating a farm business.

This cause is something that Brunette Farmette is deeply passionate about, and by collaborating with HAGA and The Happy Gardening Life, the Instagram giveaway garnered multiple entries and successfully achieved its goal of raising awareness about the situation of young American farmers.

“We wanted to bring real attention to this cause. We figured that the most effective way to do it was through a simple giveaway—and it worked! The more participants joined, the more it sparked discussions about the struggles of young sustainable farmers today. Both dialogue and support are very crucial because the future of American agriculture is in the hands of these inspiring farmers,” said a representative for HAGA.

A lot of people sent in their entries to show their support for the cause, and after a busy 5-day giveaway period, the final winner was randomly drawn. The lucky winner was revealed to be Misty Townsend, who leads an admirable off-grid lifestyle in the wilderness of Talkeetna, Alaska.

“She was really delighted to receive her GROW t-shirt and survival seeds pack. She says the shirt is so soft and comfortable to wear. The seeds were also quite timely because she needed new seeds for next year’s garden. She was glad to participate in the giveaway because it allowed her to take part in a very important cause,” the representative remarked.

Although the contest has officially ended, the support for young farmers should never stop. People can still help by donating to the coalition or buying a GROW t-shirt from Brunette Farmette.

“When you purchase GROW apparel, 30% of the proceeds goes to the National Young Farmers Coalition—so the more t-shirts bought, the better it is not just for our millennial farmers but for everyone’s future as well,” the representative further added.

HAGA will be teaming up with more inspiring collaborators and organizations soon. Those who wish to join the next giveaways are encouraged to follow The Happy Gardening Life on Instagram to get the latest updates.

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