Mega Speaker, a Review of JT Foxx – A Top Wealth and Business Coach

Want to become a speaker, coach, or author well then JT Foxx’s Mega Speaker event is the place for you. Not sure you have what it takes to become a speaker well listen to what others have to say about attending a JT Foxx Mega Speaker event. The even better idea is to actually attend and find out for yourself.

JT Foxx widley known as a top wealth and business coach has been doing real estate and business events for the past 7 years.  Now he has decided to start doing speaking events to help others become speakers.  He is actually helping to create his own competition, and only someone that is very confident of what they can do would be willing to do that.  These events are free 1 day events, so anyone who wants to attend can.

The interesting part of these events is Foxx’s willingness to share all the secrets of the speaking industry.  The different types of speakers, the different types of events, and how to not only get speaking engagements but how to actually create one’s own events.  Foxx shares a lot of very valuable information that people wouldn’t normally have access to at a free event.  The accomplishments of Foxx at such a young age are quite impressive.  He has built a successful real estate business, holds a very large event with business owners and celebrities alike taking the stage, and has multiple other business interests.

If one has the opportunity to check out a Mega Speaker event in their area, they should check out the event for themselves.  If they have an interest in speaking, or doing their own events some day, then this would be a day well spent to give them an insider look at how to make that happen.  There is something for everyone, from all the speaking information that is shared to all the information on how to build one’s brand.  

There is also information on how to market their events, how to write a bestselling book on Amazon, and how to host their own webinar.  All of these very useful tools are for any business owner or entrepreneur not just speakers.  Mega Speaker is an event worth attending so anyone can see for themselves.

Just check out for upcoming cities and dates of workshops you can attend.

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