The Best Natural Medicine Treatments in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA – As more and more people turn to natural medicine for their conditions, more practitioners are adding this branch of medicine to their expertise. Invasive surgeries, opiate pain medicines, and other intrusive types of treatments are fast becoming unpopular because of the after effects patients suffer from them. From the down time to the recovery period and the chemical nature of the treatments, the effects can be felt for years to come. Taking this into consideration, Dr. Stuart Kauffman has opened a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) in Philadelphia to offer his patients natural treatment options. The treatments are geared towards supporting and stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself.

Dr. Kauffman, an independent physician has been practicing primary care, urgent pain, and pain management for over 2 decades. By launching the PRP treatments, he allows patients who come to him to access revolutionary stem cell and platelet-rich plasma injections and experience relief away from traditional medicine and their notable problems. According to Dr. Kauffman, surgery is over-utilized for orthopedic injuries. He further adds, “Good primary care, prevention, and one-on-one doctor patient relationships have been lost in today’s medical environment.” It is because of this that his patients only see Dr. Kauffman and are never referred to a physician’s assistant or a nurse practitioner.

Combining stem cells with PRP aids the regeneration and rejuvenation process faster. As such, advanced injuries such as torn ligaments and muscle fibers are able to self-heal naturally and quickly. The PRP treatments are targeted at hair loss, sports injuries, and even debilitating conditions like arthritis. This treatment allows a permanent solution with minimal downtime and maximum result. In fact, PRP treatment promise to use an advanced scientific technology to facilitate the body’s natural healing abilities.

The process of treatment uses the patient’s own blood which has the needed platelets separated in a centrifuge and stem cell therapy which extracts stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow or fat cells. By combining the stem cells and the platelets, these treatments become more effective. However, some conditions like arthritis or sports injuries benefit more from specific harvests in this case bone stem cells which produce cartilage.

Understandably, traditional medicine may seem like the only option because most people do not have access to the information that Dr. Kauffman and his team have to offer. Give them a call on 215-342-3600 or send them an email at for a consultation where interested personnel can ask all the pertinent questions. Alternatively, visit their website at to see what they do. PRP in Philadelphia is located at 8400 Bustleton Avenue Suite 205 Philadelphia PA 19152.

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