Life and Business Strategist Charlie Hugh-Jones Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Unlocking A More Productive You”

“Unlocking A More Productive You” by Charlie Hugh-Jones, reached Number One on’s Best Seller List in the Business & Money category for Time Management, Office Management and Processes & Infrastructure.

Life and Business Strategist Charlie Hugh-Jones’ recent release, Unlocking A More Productive You: Discover the 3 Keys to Making Space, Increasing Focus & Getting More Done hit’s best seller list on September 1, 2017, climbing all the way to Number One in three sections of the Business & Money category.

In response to the book hitting Number One, Hugh-Jones stated, “Wow. I’m grateful and humbled that this book resonated with so many people.”

“Too often, success comes at the expense of our health and our most valuable relationships – it’s not often a cost we consciously choose to pay either – it just happens. That’s pretty much the story of my early ‘success,’” explained Hugh-Jones. “True productivity isn’t getting more done – it is getting more of what matters most, done. And it’s doing that without the stress, overwhelm and anxiety that our hyper-connected, always-on, intensely demanding world often provokes in us.”

In this book, Charlie explains his three core principles of productivity:

1. The Power of “No”

2. Don’t Manage Time, Manage Your Energy, and

3. Harness Ritual and Routine, Don’t Be A Slave To Them.

He then gives readers a set of proven and very practical tools and strategies to implement each one of those principles in their daily life to Unlock A More Productive You!

With the recent popularity around productivity and life balance in the media, Unlocking A More Productive You’s subject matter is a hot topic and a must read for high-performing individuals and entrepreneurs.

Feedback for Charlie Hugh-Jones’ bestselling book has been positive from those who have read and applied the insights contained in Unlocking A More Productive You.

“I loved the first part for its honesty and and I loved the second part for its practical application. Charlie’s done a great job of summarising cutting edge research and findings and adding his own perspective. I particularly liked the Tools that he gives you in this second part. Some simple but effective techniques and approaches that have the power to transform how you work and live,” said Andrew Davidson.

“If you are looking to be a better version of yourself or for some tips on productivity – check out this book,” explained Katherine Lee Borse.


Charlie Hugh-Jones writes, speaks and coaches high-performing individuals and entrepreneurs on how to unlock a better, more conscious version of themselves so that they can be more productive, feel more purposeful, enjoy more resilience, and deepen their connection with those they love.

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