Los Angeles, CA – September 15, 2017 – TriCoast Entertainment is excited to announce that Black Fawn Films and Breakthrough Entertainment’s creepy, psychological-horror film, “THE SUBLET” is on Fandango today, September 14, 2017. 

From the imagination of Canadian director and producer John Ainsle, famous for his comedic work for Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, “THE SUBLET” is just the opposite, overlapping components of mystery, bloodshed and the paranormal to re-invent the classic ‘70s Canadian genre of “canuxploitation” for a new-wave for horror-lovers worldwide.

“THE SUBLET” follows Joanna and her fiancée, Jeff, into an eerie small town where they move into their new sublet apartment, available due to the mysterious, absent owner.

But before long, the couples’ new life turns into nothing other than a living nightmare. 

Jeff is consumed with his career, leaving Joanna as the sole caretaker of their baby. Feeling lonesome and curious, Joanna begins to explore the sublet until she uncovers the diary of the past resident, Margaret, as it unleashes the violent ghosts of the past.

With every turn and every creek, Joanna is always looking over her shoulder, in fear that Margaret’s ghost is lurking in the shadows, waiting for the sublet apartment to fulfill its legacy of loneliness, violence, and mystery.

“Tianna Nori’s performance as Joanna was nothing short of brilliant. Her work earlier this year in The Demolisher, as a police officer crippled in an assault was a great look at controlled violence and anger and now feels like the perfect stepping stone to the wonderful job she did in this film. Joanna becomes an instantly recognizable character to those familiar with the world of post-partum depression and mixing that with the external pressures put on her by what exists in her apartment make for a frightening persona indeed. Mark Matechuk does a great job playing off of Nori, turning in a perfectly subdued performance as the shell-shocked husband living in a world of confusion and denial.” – Jeff Fountain, Geek Chic Elite

“THE SUBLET” is a suspenseful thriller, capturing the past colliding with the future, as Joanna begins to lose grip on reality and as she descends into ultimate madness.

With award wins at the U.S. Phoenix Festival and Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival in 2016 for Best Cinematography (Gregg Biskup) and Best Actress (Tianna Nori), “THE SUBLET” is creates a sense of terror and claustrophobia as viewers find themselves trapped inside the sublet apartment alongside Joanna.

“Most horror movies depicting a family moving into a haunted house or apartment often rely on jump scares or ghostly imagery, but The Sublet subverts these expectations by making the story purely driven by character. The viewers are firmly placed in the main character’s shoes as the walls of her new home close in around her, causing us to question what is going on right by her side. The Sublet is a tense psychological tale that won’t fail to mess with your mind.” – Ricky Church, Flickering Myth

Concluding in a shocking ending, “THE SUBLET” will have all wondering – “Are you really home alone?”  

“THE SUBLET” additional cast includes Krista Madison (“The Dirties”, “Operation Avalanche”) joins the cast as the ghost of the previous tenet, Margaret and features Rachel Sellen (“Silent Hill: Revelation”). 

Pick up your DVD copy of “THE SUBLET” at locations such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, and various other locations. It is priced at $6.99. Watch “THE SUBLET” now on: Hoopia, Vubiquity, InDemand, iTunes, Google Play, Fandango, Microsoft, Sony Playstation, Amazon, Vimeo Direct, FlixFing, and Vudu.

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THE SUBLET (2017, 82 min.) Produced and Directed by John Ainslie. Editor: Jordan Crute. Director of Photography: Greg Biskup. Original Music: Jeff Morrow. US, English. Black Fawn Films, Breakthrough Entertainment. TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: BLACK FAWN FILMS – Producers of “Let Her Out” last year’s break out Canadian success to be released later this year by DarkCoast Entertainment. This Canadian Production Company is known for successful offbeat scary movies.

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