Render farm GarageFarm.NET announces their support for the Blender 2.79

UK-based render farm, GarageFarm.NET officially announces that it has started supporting the official release of Blender 2.79 shortly after it has released a tutorial on the program’s final release candidate.

UK based render farm GarageFarm.NET has recently advertised their support for the second Blender 2.79 official release candidate, and its promising new feature set including the Denoiser feature, and Filmic integration, among many others. The company released an introductory video explaining the usage of their proprietary software to upload the second release candidate of the new Blender build to their farm, also demonstrating the incorporation of the new Denoiser feature, which allows for rendering frames at a quality that would previously have only been possible to achieve by increasing samples and consequently, render time. They have since added the official Blender 2.79 release, which became available for download from the Blender homepage earlier this week.

GarageFarm.NET’s renderBeamer for Blender plug-in integrates itself seamlessly into the software after installation and provides full support for all of Blender’s built-in renderers, as well as V-Ray.

More information on the Blender can be accessed here and through this tutorial.

The company continually expands their support for the latest builds of the 3d software, including nightlies or betas, as well as custom builds. Their plug-ins are regularly updated to ensure the best possible Blender rendering experience. Every new Blender customer is given $50 worth of starting credits for them to test the farm without a need to commit.

They also offer 24/7 live human support. Test it here

About GarageFarm.NET

GarageFarm.NET Ltd offers professional rendering services to basically anyone who is involved with CG. It does not matter if you’re a hobbyist, a part-time passionate graphic designer, or a professional film studio from the most remote place on Earth, we have sufficient computer power based in the cloud to meet your needs. The render farm runs on hardware carefully selected and configured with performance in mind. We put a lot of emphasis on delivering high-quality, quick, and reliable service that is affordable. Our tech team is responsive, friendly, and available 24/7.

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