UltraPro Pest Protection’s Guide To Ridding Any Home Of Rats

PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY – 15 Sep, 2017 – In some areas of northern New Jersey, one pest is becoming a huge problem. Rats are starting to come back in the area, both inside and outside the home. Whether the family pet picks one up while it is outside or you find one chowing down on the food in your pantry, rats are not a pest that you want anywhere near your house. Here are some tips you can use to keep these pests away from your home.

1. Keep the yard clean.

Rats like to stay hidden just like any other type of pest. Whether they can hide under leaves, old debris scattered throughout the yard, a wood pile in the back of the property or anywhere else, these rats will be hanging out in your yard and near your home. By getting rid of the unwanted debris and other objects laying around your yard, there will no place for rats, or any other pests, to hide.

2. Make sure food is not left outside.

It does not matter whether the food is coming from your garbage can or a bird feeder; rats like any food just the same. Raising bird feeders off the ground and ensuring that garbage actually makes it into the trash can will help keep these pests along with other scavengers away from your home.

3. Seal up your house.

If there are any types of cracks in the foundation or siding of your home, you are giving rats the chance to step in your house as the weather cools down. The best way to fill these is to use caulk and fill in the cracks throughout your house. A pest control professional like UltraPro Pest Protection can help you identify the areas that need attention and can help you fix them to keep your house safe.

4. Apply traps and pesticides throughout your yard and home.

Although there are traps and pesticides sold in stores to get rid of rats, it can be dangerous to you and your family if you use it incorrectly. The best person to contact in the event of needing pesticides and traps is a pest control professional. They have years of experience fighting against these pests and know how to apply and place everything.

The rat problem may be getting worse in some areas of northern New Jersey, but that does not mean you need to worry about these pests coming into your home. With the help of a pest control professional like UltraPro Pest Protection, you will not have to worry about sharing your home with these unwanted critters.

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