8 Myths Of Waxing Debunked by 212 Salon and Day Spa

MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY – 15 Sep, 2017 – Some use a razor or wax or a laser hair remover to get rid of unwanted hair on their bodies. A lot of people stick with the old-fashioned razor blade method of hair removal because there are so many stories they hear about waxing that they do not know what is right or wrong. Well, here are some of the common myths that might not necessarily be true about waxing.

1. Waxing is more painful.

Any time you are pulling out a hair from its root, it will hurt. Unlike shaving, waxing takes the whole hair out, leaving your skin smooth for weeks. Continuing with a regular waxing schedule will cause less pain and great skin.

2. Hair has to be long in order to wax.

It does not need to be as long as you might think. It is better if hair is about a quarter of an inch long, or the length of a grain of rice. This will cause a smoother finish after waxing.

3. Waxing causes wrinkles.

Unlike what most people think, waxing does the exact opposite. When the wax pulls out your hairs, it also reveals a newer layer of skin. It will make you look younger and exfoliate your skin at the same time.

4. Your hair will grow back thicker.

Once you begin waxing, your hair drastically changes. Waxing on a regular schedule will cause your hair to soften and grow more sparse, leading to less thickness overall.

5. Waxing will cause less hair to grow throughout time.

Although there will never be no hair, the amount of hair growing may be reduced over time. For most skin and hair types, frequent waxes over a course of time could cause less hair to grow, but there will always be some, and other may not experience any changes.

6. Ingrown hairs won’t be an issue with waxing.

The odds of you getting ingrown hairs with waxing is far less, although it is still possible. Shaving causes more ingrown hairs than waxing and is recommended for sensitive areas like the bikini line. The best way to prevent ingrown hairs is to exfoliate the area and avoid shaving between waxes.

7. Hard wax hurts more than soft wax.

This is another myth that is not true! Hard wax goes after each individual hair particle while soft wax strips just lay on the surface and pull the hair out.

8. The top of your eyebrows should not be waxed.

No eyebrow is the same, even on one person. By waxing your the top of your brows, you can make them more symmetrical and hopefully let it last throughout time.

Professionals at salons or spas know the best ways to remove your unwanted hair while causing the least amount of pain while keeping your skin looking flawless. These places offer waxings for a multitude of areas. One salon, 212 Salon and Day Spa, offers waxes for upper lip, eyebrows, arms, legs, bikini lines, back, feet and most other areas of the body.

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