#PatientsOverProfits – Google AdWords Pulls the Plug on its Unethical Paid Search Advertisers

September 15, 2017 – Time and time again addiction treatment centers have turned to unethical rehab marketing practices to attract patients, and Google has had enough. To weed out the misleading and deceptive marketers, starting today, the search engine giant has begun pulling its paid search ads from the addiction treatment industry.

In one swift bold move, Google is making its stance on #PatientsOverProfits ideology and taking the first step in preventing the further spread of these unethical marketing practices.

Panic is setting in on the deceptive marketers in this lucrative $35 billion addiction treatment industry as they may begin to realize that their ‘heads in beds’ marketing tactics are no longer viable. While this purge by Google will force many small ethical treatment providers who rely on Google searches to take a step back, it is cheered on by health officials and ethical marketers, who have called for the end of unethical marketing practices.

“This should serve as a wakeup call for treatment providers and marketers alike that people’s lives are more important than profit,” says 12 Steps Marketing Founder, Vince Tint.

So what does this mean for treatment providers and marketers in the addiction treatment industry? “Treatment centers who have participated in the unethical practices will be forced to take a different approach to their marketing strategy but they will be more open to practicing ethical and organic marketing techniques. The better and right way to grow your treatment center business,” says Vince Tint.

12 Steps Marketing was created to help treatment practices of all sizes develop a sustainable and ethical marketing solution. We want to help you grow your treatment business the right way while improving the state of the behavioral healthcare industry.

12 Steps Marketing was founded by Vince Tint, a seasoned digital marketing consultant with more than 15+ years of professional agency and consulting experience for Behavioral and Mental Health clients. After learning about the unethical practices within the addiction treatment industry i.e. body brokering, he decided to help treatment centers rise above and grow their business ethically.

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Located in Pasadena, Los Angeles – 12 Steps Marketing is a new type of digital marketing agency, one that specializes in organically growing and nurturing professional referral relationships.

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