Airwheel R8 Triangle Frame Smart Electric Bike Must Be A Shining Star In Travel Transport Market

Airwheel R8 triangle electric bike enjoys many excellent features, such as rich ride modes, high riding safety, strong driving power or wide applications and so on. In travel transport market, R8 must be a shining star. However, what it can do for people? It is a great travel transport, a useful exercise equipment and also a good partner.

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When it comes to an electric bike, the very impression in people’s mind must be a transport to cover travels in daily life. However, the products of Airwheel are famous for rich functions and good practicability. R8 triangle electric bike is a typical example. It is more than a simple travel transport, but an exercise equipment and even a great life assistant. Let’s get to know what it can do for people at length.

Airwheel R8 electric cross bike 

In the very first place, Airwheel R8 mountain electric bike is an excellent travel transport for both short-distance and long-distance travels. It inherits the chain of traditional bikes and battery of electric bikes. Then, three ride modes come into being. People can ride it like an ordinary bike, an electric bike or the combination of these two. The first two modes are quite easy to understand. As to moped mode, it has 11 gears in all. The gear decides the level of electricity. Comparatively speaking, this mode is not that hard like bicycle mode, but saves energy. Meanwhile, R8 won’t be restricted by range any more, for it is unlimited. Generally speaking, it is able to cover most travel demands in people’s life. Some people use it as commute transport or tool to take a weekend trip.

Airwheel R8 electric cross bike

Airwheel R8 electric cross bike is also green, healthy and safe exercise equipment. If people select bicycle mode or moped mode, their body can be exercised. After all, bicycling itself is a common aerobic exercise. Based on adjustable handle and big load capacity, R8 is suitable for people from different age groups.

Airwheel R8 mountain electric bike

In addition, R8 enjoys high safety during riding. The braking system will start to work when an emergent braking happens. Riders can increase the brake force to shorten braking distance so as to make sure the safety. The bright headlight and brake warning light largely ensure the safety at night.

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