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Los Angeles, California – Authority Auto is a leading car-buying consultancy agency in California, dedicated to assisting customers in negotiating car deals. They pride themselves with 10 years of being in business, armed with consultants who have had management experience with major dealerships. Founded by Oren Weintraub in 1994, the company is committed to helping facilitate the things tied up to owning a new ride and turn it into an exciting and joyful experience.

With Authority Auto, car buyers nationwide can expect less time buying a new car and spend more time enjoying it. They do away with the hassles and apparently, their lengthy tenure brokering in the business has produced a lot of content and happy customers. Among those include Sheri B. who shares the experience. “Oren is knowledgeable, focused, principled, quick to respond, and always there as an adviser and advocate for his clients. Not only do I feel I’ve gotten the best lease rates possible because of his connections and negotiating skills; the process has taken me virtually no time, and each new car has been delivered–and the old car picked up–at no extra cost. I wish everything in life was as simple as Oren has made car leasing for me.“

One of the great deals Authority Auto has to offer is the free deal review available to car shoppers nationwide. Aspiring car buyers can show them the best deal they have procured on their own, after which the company will try to see if they can come up with a better offer. Should Authority Auto be able to come up with a better one, customers will only need to split the savings between their original deal and the better one from the company. No charges will be involved for free deal reviews.

For customers who prefer to let the company do all the work, they are in good hands. Los Angeles CA, Authority Auto is ready to serve through its state-of-the-art customer service. All clients have to do is provide the details of the preferred vehicle of choice and the budget they have. From here Authority Auto uses its vast network and expert negotiating skills to get the best possible deal on the new car. All a client has to do is wait and select their choice once the options come their way.

With the stress of car buying, prospective customers can get in touch with Authority Auto. They are located at 18425 Burbank Blvd #711, Los Angeles, CA and appointments and queries can be done by phone at (818) 788-1900 or via email at

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Company Name: Authority Auto
Contact Person: Oren Weintraub
Phone: (818) 788-1900
Address:18425 Burbank Blvd #711
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States