Tahiti Gears offers limited period discount on top selling beach gears

Tahitigears.com, a leading online store has announced attractive discounts on some of its top-selling beach gears. A wide range of bikinis in different designs and colors, diving fins, kid’s swimwear, diving glasses and many other products are available at discounted price for a limited period of time. The online store is dedicated to providing all kinds of beach clothing, beach accessories and beach gear at attractive prices.

Tahiti Gears is established by beach lovers and travel enthusiasts to provide the best in class beach gear for all the beach lovers. Whether it’s a designer bikini, boy shorts, vests for men or swimming gear, the customers can find it all at the best prices. Considering the beaches are one of the most loved places for the travelers, the brand has created a fully dedicated platform for the beach lovers where they can find everything they need to have an awesome outing at the beach.

The founder of Tahiti Gear got inspired to create this online store during one of his vacations when he discovered Full Snorkel mask that was priced at $99. This gave him an idea to look for cheaper alternatives to the snorkel mask and other products needed at the beach which ultimately set a milestone for the establishment of Tahiti Gears. Initially, the founder along with his wife began to sell the products they curated on WhatsApp and to friends and family that soon accelerated into 10,000 users. Seeing the response received by the customers, the couple launched their official website tahitigears.com and hired a small team to run it smoothly. They also went on to open a small marketing office in Singapore and a factory in China for delivering the products worldwide to the customers. All the quality checks are done in China itself before shipping the products directly to the customers.

Tahiti Gears manages to maintain a low cost of all the beach gears by choosing an efficient way of shipping the products and eliminating any middle channels. Despite the low cost, the store gives utmost priority to quality. The customers can find a wide range of diving and snorkeling equipment, swimwear for men, women, and kids as well as swimming accessories such as caps, towels, drink holder, waterproof bags and more. The online store also features special swimsuit collection for Muslim women, wetsuits and beach cover-ups in a variety of styles and colors.

All the products can be seen at tahitigears.com.

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