Psychic Medium Deborah Livingston educates women on how to heal a broken spirit after abuse

“Many women for whatever reason ignore, are in denial or just plain feel fearful of taking necessary steps to get out of the abusive situation. Abused women feel alone and helpless. The truth is they are not alone.”
Deborah Livingston acclaimed, psychic medium, author, once certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist and shaman explores the ways women can put the pieces of a broken spirit back together again due to enduring abuse.

Deborah Livingston, acclaimed psychic medium, author, once certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist and Shaman explores the ways women can put the pieces of a broken spirit back together again due to enduring abuse. Although it’s extremely difficult to endure, everyone all has experienced a broken heart and spirit from outer life experiences through illness, loss of a loved one or pet, loss of a job, etc. No matter what age, sex or race, a broken spirit challenging to overcome. It is especially strenuous for women who are or have been enduring an abusive relationship.

In today’s society, we hear about women in abusive relationships in what seems like every other day. The most common abuse is verbal, emotional and physical all of which over time breaks women’s spirits. According to Chinese medicine, our bodies comprise of a whole. The whole is of 3 parts body, mind, and soul. When women have experienced one or more of these forms of abuse it produces negative, emotional energy ultimately bringing a woman’s whole completely out of balance. This unharmonious breaks the spirit which is detrimental to overall health and bringing women to their knees and feeling in despair. Many women for whatever reason ignore, are in denial or just plain feel fearful of taking necessary steps to get out of the abusive situation. Abused women feel alone and helpless. The truth is they are not alone. They have their strength that lies within and women who have walked the stormy path of abuse and arrived back into their own light again through repairing their fragile spirit. Women can repair a broken spirit as a result of abuse.

As a woman myself, I was verbally, physically and spiritually abused as a child. After enduring this abuse for years, it had lasting spiritual broken effects into adulthood. As an adult, my spirit was attracted to the same type of behavior from others until I took my power back and stopped the cycle. All women possess an eternal spiritual power within that’s available to them at any time. Abused women can tap into their power at any time and begin to heal their spirits. I know this because I was able to do it.

Healing a broken spirit is not easy especially when abused victims start to believe they deserve it. The open wounds hurt emotionally, mentally and physically. All wounds take time and hard work to heal but in the end, strengthens the spirit. The healed spirit is one of immense gratitude and love. The spirit becomes awakened, transformed and transcended. The world becomes more colorful, beautiful and joyful. The healed spirit is love and is able to give love back with passion. The healed spirit sees life as a gift. The healed spirit is inspired and strong. Here are the steps I took and healed my spirit and with work, positive thinking and acknowledgment many abused women can heal their broken spirit as well.  Women are warriors of light and conquer the dark.

1. Make the decision to heal.

When abuse happens, we clearly have choices. We can harden our hearts, shut down, build walls, stop feeling, or we can gingerly climb through the cracks in our hearts and discover a rich and beautiful landscape of love, magic, and strength. The first step is to set the intention to get out and to heal. Thoughts, especially intentions for the good are positive energy and the first positive step in healing. The Universe will conspire to make it happen. Admit that the abuse has brought you to your knees and it’s time to take control of your own life. The energy of abusive behavior isn’t yours. It belongs to the abuser.

2. Experience and accept the pain.

The more pain we sit with the better the healing process outcome. Immerse yourself in the pain by starting at the beginning of the abusive period. Journal every painstaking moment. Allow your emotions to respond. Cry, scream and throw a pillow release the negative energy. Do NOT hold it in. Experience the pain and except that it was all part of your overall life journey.

3. Process and let go

When the emotional process has allowed the negative energy to be released from our mind, body, and soul, it’s time to process what happened to us and begin to let it go. Meditation, yoga, and practicing being in the present moment are amazing tools that get us closer to our own spirit and hear what it has to say. What we hear from our spirit allows us to process the past and let it go, leaving it where it’s meant to be, in the past. Don’t forget the abusive past but come to terms and let it go. It teaches us how to not be.

4. Lessons learned and the positive

Although the abusive stage of life is seemingly insurmountable to conquer and heal from there are lessons to be learned. They are part of the growing pains of healing. These lessons are like shiny pearls on the strand of life. Lessons become clearer and clearer once we have let go. We see how to improve ourselves for the better. We see the truth in what was and recognize our own truth that lies within our heart. There is nothing more positive than breaking open our heart and standing in the truths of our power. By allowing ourselves to become vulnerable enough to face the truths and learn the lessons, we are able to find the positive. For every negative, there is a positive. After every storm, the sun shines again. Acceptance of lessons learned brings us to the point of spiritual transformation, evolves the soul and expedites our healing. We see life and where we are at as a miracle.

5. Forgive and live

Spiritual transformation enables us to practice trust, faith, compassion, kindness, joy, and love. We no longer should hold hate, anger, sadness or a grudge to those who have harmed us. Forgiving the abusers frees us and is an invitation for the abusers to heal themselves. Women are free to live the best life with healed stronger spirits. Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Choose to see everything as a miracle, even the painful abuse, and your spirit will just miraculously heal. Life is a blessing. We are right where we are supposed to be and we are wonderful right where we are. 

A healed spirit is a healthy spirit. Abused women can heal their broken spirits from all the trauma they have experienced. The 5 steps enable abused women to be born again. A healed spirit brings peace, love, and happiness back to their souls. They can experience what everyone deserves, the magic of life.

About Deborah Livingston:

As seen on ABC, award-winning CBS, NBC, FOX, MSN and WBZ news and featured on the cover of OM Times Magazine, Deborah Livingston, award-winning, International Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Author of Strand of Pearls and Outstanding Results. Deborah is also a pro-bono psychic investigator Mentor, teacher, and a Shaman. Deborah has been attending the Arthur Findlay College in England annually where she takes mediumship courses and is a member of the Spiritualist National Union. Deborah is also been tested, listed and certified on Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics and also listed on Bob Olson’s best psychic medium directory Deborah was chosen as one of the Top Psychics in Boston by Jack Rourke, one of the most prominent professional psychics in North America. Deborah’s services are private, small or large group readings, large venue galleries, workshops, fundraising, and speaking. 

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