Ontario Container Transport – Domestic & International Cargo Shipping Company in Ontario

Ships all size cargo, everywhere, on time.

Container transportation is the most economical mode of shipping. It is widely used in domestic as well as in international traffics, the reason for that is, it involves the use of the road, rail, sea and air transport from a removable device known as a container. Ontario container transport better known as OCT is proud to be ranked among the best container hauling companies in Ontario, Explanation is simple, OCT thinks out of the box and goes beyond the range of other freight shipping companies. It is the commitment of OCT towards its customers that they always get a reliable, precise and on time service.

OCT moves with an aim to provide all types of freight shipping, no matter the size of the consignment. Plus, OCT values your business worries, this is why OCT gives their customer a personalized experience each time. Where the customer can get to know the exact location of his freight to ensure if it still safe, OCT also provides an option to radio customers and their drivers at all times throughout the haul, so you will be able to track the load in real-time. OCT is hospitable, they understand that a bad delivery could affect client’s business, that is why OCT always focus on two things on priority, your container should arrive on time and arrive in a great condition.

OCT gives a full list of service, ranging from all kinds of transportation to container relocation, blanket wrapping, and every integrated supply chain solution. But, that’s not all which can define OCT’s advantage over other transport companies. Where other transport companies have a very limited network, OCT has partnered with multiple air freight and ocean carriers to bring its customer a more reliable and affordable shipping method. Customer has not to worry about creating a feasible transportation via rail and road because OCT makes the promise that their logistics expert will figure out the cheapest, fastest routes for a customer’s need.

Air cargo shipping is the fastest way for domestic and international delivery. It is the best mode of transport when the time is significant, but air freight has complexions, there is a limitation of weight, size, and schedule with usual airport shipping companies. OCT has partnered with some of the best cargo companies and deviated the flaws, OCT is dedicated towards the tightest deadlines for air cargo shipment excluding the limitation of weight and size. Another bonus, they offer temperature controlled air-freight for as well.

Air transportation has its advantages, but Ocean shipping embraces more. OCT has the best of the both worlds. Ocean shipping might take a few more days to delivery but it is still the best form of transport due to affordable charges and an option to ship extra-heavy loads for cross-continent deliveries. Typical ocean shipping is too expensive with LCL deliveries (Less than a container load deliveries) and with certain shipment types. But OCT allows you to ship both LCL and FCL(Full Container Load) deliveries. The logistic experts at OCT can handle the most complex transportation problems, so your LCL can be shipped with other LCL, considering the type of load, the location and the date of delivery.

Surf their website to get detailed information about the freight charges and services, or give them a call directly and a receptionist will be at your assist.

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Company Name: Ontario Container Transport
Contact Person: Ryan Lynch
Email: dispatch@octi.ca
Phone: (905) 695 1501
Address:6201 HWY 7 West Unit 2 Woodbridge
City: Toronto
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Country: Canada
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