On The Run Meals – Delivering Healthy Meals

OTR Meals providing customers with healthy ready to eat meals at an affordable price.

Having a hectic schedule can make it difficult to stay on top of healthy eating. There is no time to run out to the grocery store to purchase the food, and then go home to cook.  Well, this is where OTR (On the Run) Meals can help. OTR Meals provides customers with healthy meals, readily made, right to their doorstep.

OTR Meals is a food delivery service, located in the Toronto area. At OTR Meals, their mission is to provide customers with a reliable and quick home food delivery service that tastes like a delicious home cooked meal. They strive on making their customers feel comfortable about where the food is prepared and sourced from. The service targets people that don’t have time to cook healthy meals, yet strive to lead a healthy lifestyle.

All of the meals prepared at OTR Meals are made with the freshest, Non-GMO ingredients. There is no salt, artificial flavours, or refined-sugar added! The team of highly qualified cooks have experience in the nutrition and health field, so they prepare foods that are the healthiest for the body. Even if people are picky eaters, there is something for everyone with their wide range of meals to choose from. The breakfast options include egg white fiesta, almond butter and honey oatmeal, protein pancake rolls, seasoned egg whites, and very berry oatmeal, to name a few. For a main course, customers have the option of choosing from salmon, chicken souvlaki, BBQ turkey burgers, beef kabobs, pasta, jerk chicken, and a variety of salads. OTR Meals is constantly updating their meal options so that customers can choose from new menu items.

In addition to the ease of meal planning with OTR Meals, they make it very simple to do. With an easy to navigate site, OTR Meals allows orders to be placed right online. Instead of placing an order for one meal at a time, there is the option of planning ahead and ordering meals for the next couple of months. There is no need to stress about meal planning, let OTR Meals do the work!

With this fabulous and convenient service, OTR Meals is one of the best in the industry! For those who want to start living a healthy lifestyle, then their meals and recipes will never disappoint. For more information on the services that OTR Meals offers, head over to the website.  The website contains information on the different meals they offer, recipes, pictures of meals, and how to place an order online. To contact OTR Meals, a phone number, email, and address is located on the website. Be sure to check out their pages on Facebook and Twitter for any updates and special promotions running. Start a journey to lead a healthier lifestyle now!

Media Contact
Company Name: On the Run Meals Toronto
Contact Person: Sanja Menicanin
Email: menu@otrmeals.com
Phone: (416) 985-7116
Address:55 Nugget Ave
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Website: http://www.otrmeals.com/