Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Offers Addiction Rehab in Canada

If you are in need of an addiction rehab program in Canada, Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands can help! Their professional team provides clients with top quality addiction rehabilitation, giving them the help and assistance that they need!

Addiction Rehab Thousand Island is located in the Thousand Island Region in Ontario, Canada.  This company offers dedicated, professional, addiction treatment programs to patients.  The team of professionals guide clients in providing top quality addiction rehabilitation care through a reliable, highly trained, and efficient staff.  The treatment is a two-pronged approach, which involves the addicts as well as their loved ones.  Addiction Rehab Thousand Island Canada provides world-class treatment that guarantees 100% success rate.

Addiction Rehab Thousand Island Canada deals with addiction problems such as marijuana, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, meth, and opioids.

Over consumption of marijuana can result in physical and psychological issues including paranoia, hallucination, and violent behaviors.  Marijuana addiction requires treatment options that are specific to the needs to the substance abuser. All clients are treated differently; based on initial assessment results. The best plan of action and treatment program will be formulated for the client based on the stage that the client is at. Customized treatments include but are not limited to recreational programs, holistic treatment such as yoga and meditation therapy, art and music therapy, relapse prevention information, and aftercare treatment solutions.

Alcohol abuse and dependence destroys lives, relationships and the future for the alcohol addict.  Addiction Rehab Thousand Island Canada offers alcohol addiction treatment with a personalized approach to ensure that the treatment program caters to the needs of the patient. The main cause of alcohol addiction problem is addressed and includes the detection of the likely mental health issues that cause the drinking addiction.  Each alcohol addiction treatment program is unique to the client and includes the regulation of the alcohol detoxification phase; counseling sessions for individual, group, and the family of the client as well as music and art therapy sessions.

Heroine is an extremely addictive illegal drug that causes an uncontrollable drug-seeking behavior to try and get the fix.  At Addiction Rehab Ottawa, a holistic approach to treatment is offered to overcome the addiction by using strategies that supports the spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical, and social.  This approach helps to ensure that the well being of the patient and the success of the treatment program.

Cocaine addiction is one of the most alarming problems in Canada, and Addiction Rehab Thousand Island Canada helps individuals with addiction and helps them undergo the different treatment methods on how to quit cocaine for good.  They also provide 24/7 care and monitoring for patients with severe cocaine abuse and addiction problems.  A three-stage treatment program is also available which includes: patient assessment, cocaine addiction detox, and cocaine addiction treatment.  They also provide inpatient cocaine addiction treatment, which includes individual and group counseling; anger management, development of self-esteem, self-awareness and coping mechanisms.

Addiction Rehab Thousand Island Canada also provides treatment programs for meth, opioids, prescription drugs, amphetamine, and inhalants addiction.  They also offer a range of activities for patients to relax, rejuvenate, and heal. Some of these activities include boating, docking, golfing, and diving.

Their website provides more information about the company and some more in-depth information about the different types of addiction and treatment they have to offer.  There is also a simple form online that may be completed by a patient or a loved one to reach out for help.  They can be contacted on social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, Google+. There are also blogs and FAQs pages on their site. You may call and speak to one of their specialists – 24/7 at (855) 885-5805.

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