Affordable Private Care for Alcohol and Drug Addicts

Comprehensive treatment for alcohol and drug addiction at affordable rates

Alcohol and drug addiction are on the rise with an estimated 90% of teenagers estimated to have taken alcohol at some point in their lives. Addiction is a delicate health condition that needs a careful and compassionate approach to help the patients overcome and recover successful. Rehabilitation centers have over the years been able to achieve impressive results in providing addicts with the support they need to recover and selecting the right one becomes an integral part of the road to recovery from addiction.

The Addiction Rehab Toronto is a one of a kind drug rehab center that is located in the peaceful and quiet residence of North Toronto that provides a serene environment for the addicts to recover. The facility features a safe and relaxing ambience to provide treatment for loved ones. To make the process easier, the facility also features plenty of nature and relaxing outdoor activities that the patients can enjoy all year round. The facility also has lounge areas, workout areas, fitness equipment and living accommodations for each of the residents.

The Addiction Rehab Toronto facility believes that an individual and holistic approach is the best for helping alcohol and drug addicts recover from their addiction. The treatment plans are bespoke and customized to allow them fit the criteria of every patient. The professionals at the facility pay careful attention to the social, psychological, cultural and biological aspects of each person that comes in seeking assistance and are able to determine the best method to use to help the patient recover.

For long term recovery, the facility believes in a multi-pronged approach that helps patients improve different aspects of their life. The elements that are considered in the customized treatment program include one on one counselling, family and group counseling, meetings with social workers, life skills, meditation, sober living, art therapy and leadership training among other. Patients also take fitness, health, nutrition and wellness training for the best results.

With the different types of elements that are involved in the treatment process, a holistic approach to recovery and round the clock care, the patients are not only in the best hands possible but in a secure and safe environment that promotes better health and faster recovery. The facility also understands that addiction recovery does not stop with leaving the facility. There is an aftercare program in place that is offered to the patient for one year and it is free. This helps to avoid relapsing and ensuring that the patient’s long term health is well catered for. The facility also offers a 100% guarantee on recovery and re-admits the patient back for free if they relapse.

Potential clients and patients can visit the facility’s clinic for more information on treatments and detox, the admission protocol, the programs and also for contact information on how to get in touch with the drug rehab facility. There is also a blog section that can be essential in offering information on different addiction and recovery subjects.

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