Addiction And Mental Disorders Treatment And Rehab All Under One Roof

Addiction And Mental Disorders Treatment And Rehab All Under One Roof

Even with the growing number of rehab and mental health institutions, it is still hard to get a reputable institution with all the amenities, staff and expertise that are required to take care of a patient or an addict while keeping them comfortable as they recover. Most rehab centers use short term approaches with patient who recover and then relapse because of lack of support both professionally and emotionally once the short stay at the facility is over.

The Canadian Addiction Rehab is a treatment center for addicts of various drugs including OxyContin addiction and mental disorders. The facility is privately owned and as such is able to offer benefits like longer length of stay, shorter waiting lists for patients and even a higher functioning group for peers that are otherwise not offered by government facilities. Patients at Canadian Addiction Rehab are able to get personalized care with round the clock care and proven treatment modalities that increase the chances of not only the patient recovering but also being able to enjoy the recovery over the long haul.

Some of the modalities that are offered by the facility include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectal behavioral therapy and other therapies that are focused on Trauma.

The facility is located in Caledon Village on a 98 acre piece of property in a secure, sage, active and healthy community that provides the perfect ambience for recovery from mental illnesses and disorders as well as addictions. The facility offers different amenities like a large pond where patients can enjoy some of their free time. There are also soccer fields where patients can actively take part in sports.

Other amenities in facility include a games room, planned out weekly activities and a chef on site for nutritious meals for the residents. The facility is dedicated to restoring positive balance and energy of its patients by offering amenities, programs and professionals that understand that drug addiction and mental illnesses take a long time to get over and a lot of support is needed to see the patients succeed.

For the best results, the facility has a detox center which is an alcohol rehab and a drug rehab. This is separate from the mentally ill patients. This allows the patients to be in a surrounding that is best suited for their condition. The rehab center also employs tried and proven methods and processes that are guaranteed to impressive and long lasting results.

For further information on the programs that are offered, testimonials from past patients and clients that have visited the drug rehab Toronto and admission processes, you can visit the website. Potential client will also be able to access the blog which offers further resources on addiction and mental health as well as different ways on how to contact the clinic as well as information on how patients can get assistance from the clinic.

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