Helping Autism Patience Interact with the Rest of the World

Developing a support system for autism patients through speech and a multi-pronged approach for a more social and normal life.

For autism patients, communication and especially verbal can be a great impairment which makes them unable to communicate effectively with people around them. With patience and proper training, it is possible to develop the speech skills of such patients and allowing them to come closer to normalcy and allowing them to express themselves more effectively. However, not only does this require adequate training but plenty of experience and experimenting on the best approach to help such patients.

Therapy Spot is a Toronto based speech therapy clinic that forms a support base for autism patients and helps them to develop their speech and allows the patients to better express themselves through talking. The clinic was started in 2014 but one of the directors has over 14 years in private practice and hence fully understands the patients and what works effectively to bring out the desired results. Currently, the clinic has about 20 employees from a paltry 5 employees when it first started and is still growing.

To cater to the patients comprehensively, the facility features a viewing room, fully accessible premises and the latest therapy resources. The Early Start Denver Model (EDSM) and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) are some of the techniques that are used by the clinic to identify and employ techniques that will yield the best results in the patients and students.

Therapy Spot also offers Toronto speech therapy on a one on one basis and this can be done at the clinic or at the home or workplace for the patient. To encourage and build social skills, there are also group classes and also capacity building for parents living with children that have autism to better equip them on how to handle and train the children to be more independent and communicate better. 

The clinic has perfected 6 core areas of expertise to better approach the needs of the clients and is open even on the weekends and in the evenings so as to accommodate as many clients as possible. The pricing has been made very competitive with online payment scheduling available to make it easier to manage payments. The facility is owned by therapists who understand autism patients well and have developed customized programs to ensure that each patient is well catered for. The clinic is highly convenient and built to offer comfort to autistic patients.

The website offers more information on the other conditions that the clinic offers assistance with like GABA, contact and location information as well as in depth information on the different programs and workshops that are offered. There is also an informative blog that helps to equip parents and caregivers on the different aspects of people living with autism. Therapy Spot is a great resource for autism therapy and for parents living with autistic children who would want them to learn how to express themselves better and speak more effectively. With the tools, experience and training the facility has to offer, it is possible to develop the speech, confidence and esteem of an autism patient.

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Company Name: Therapy Spot
Contact Person: Simone Friedman
Phone: 416-546-3044
Address:1232 Dufferin St
City: Toronto
State: Ontario M6H 4C3
Country: Canada