Kickstarter Campaign On For Pinocchio 3-Dimensional Wooden Puzzle Music Boxes By 3Dino

3Dino starts Kickstarter campaign to fund the unique Pinocchio 3-dimensional wooden puzzle music boxes project.

3Dino, the team behind the hugely creative wooden puzzles along with collaborator Fred Maccaferri, have started a campaign on Kickstarter to finance their dream project. The Pinocchio 3-dimensional wooden puzzle music boxes figures as a project inspired by one of the most famous stories ever told.

“We collaborated with few different companies around the world before creating our first collection of three dimensional wooden music boxes,” says Vinny from 3Dino. “We stand apart from others who use the same process as ours because we have worked harder on developing the designs and details. You can buy from Volume one to Volume nine or buy the entire collection and wait for a wonderful surprise as you keep building.”

The 3Dino team has been working on the project since January 2016 and has now reached the stage from where they can offer the project to people so that they can enjoy the wooden puzzle building process. While 3Dino also makes use of the laser process, their work is more attractive and interesting as they have invested more time and effort in design detailing and engraving on every single piece and on the packaging too.

The 3-dimensional project made of wood is a great idea and so is the brilliant concept of using a book as a packaging for all their products. They are also looking at the possibility of collecting two gifts in one item such as a music box and a secret box to store personal belongings or small items like jewelery or keepsakes. Each of the Pinocchio music boxes contains also several pieces that users can save. When they collect all the nine music boxes, they will have the chance to create and build the last one which is the whale.

The brain behind all these amazing designs is their creative designer, Federico. He has created all the pictures of the books. Their engineers, Sam and Alex have created the 3 dimensional files and other aspects of the project. The team’s graphic designer and video designer, Maddalena has done some truly amazing creations on the video. She helped the team find the right size of books. It was a wonderful decision by the team to cover the books in eco leather and have the drawings of Federico printed on them. It has enhanced the impact of the whole thing.

The cost of the project got scaled up primarily because each music box took a lot of time to be drawn and cut. The music box is composed of laser cut plywood which is similar to other parts of the wooden puzzles.

The Kickstarter campaign started by 3Dino has a funding goal of $25000 and has a deadline of 10 October, 2017. They have exlcusive rewards available to supporters.

About 3Dino: Pinocchio 3dimensional Wooden Puzzle Music Boxes:

3Dino Pinocchio 3dimensional wooden puzzle music boxes, is a project by 3Dino, headed by Vinny and collaborated by Fred Maccaferri. The box is shaped like a book covered with exclusive eco-leather and with detailed pictures that can lead users into a magical world.

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