To The Stars Periclum By Alexander Fields And Team Starts Kickstarter Campaign For Funding The Project

Alexander Fields starts funding campaign on Kickstarter to finance the ambitious ‘To The Stars Periclum’ project.

Alexander Fields, Computer Science Major at Georgia Southern University and a member of the Aurora Game Development Club, has announced that their fund raising campaign on Kickstarter is live for the To The Stars Periclum project. Alexander has other students from the University on board work to create a new space simulator revolving around colonization and combat.

“It was a long-standing dream of mine to develop a videogame and with this project, I hope to achieve this,” says Alexander Fields, the brain behind the whole idea. “To The Stars Periclum will be heavily focused on combat and management. All players must focus on working together or they will have to deal with the stability factor. Good management skills are imperative and so are good instincts.”

Alexander has put together a team of 14 people from within and outside of the Game Development Club. His team consists of graphic artists, programmers, public relations major and a musical composer. The programming, mixing and recording audio will be handled by Alexander himself. The task of keeping the team organized an on track will be done via GitHub and through weekly project meetings.

According to Alexander, players need not focus too much on the exploration aspect as the game will restrict them from indulging in this. The key focus will be on finding habitable planets and resources and defending them from threats. Good management skills are imperative for players if they plan on settling down. At the same time, those players with good instincts can plan a nomadic life in space. Everyone is free to make their own choice.

The funds raised from the Kickstarter campaign will be money used for licensing, copyrights/patents, for acquiring microphones and for sound libraries. After the prototype is completed, the next step will be production of Alpha and they will then upgrade to Unity Pro for which they will try and put in their personal contributions.

Alexander is planning to come back for more funding for the software but that will happen at a later date and only after completing Phase 1. Many of the supporting team members joined the project for varying reasons. While some joined due to their passion and enjoyment for creating games, others joined to give their résumé a boost of sorts. Others joined as they believed in the vision of the project and want to see it succeeding. Regardless of the reasons for motivation of members, they are all excited about the project.

Students working on this project also have part time jobs and some are full time students. Meeting deadlines may pose a challenge in the long term. The funding goal of the campaign on Kickstarter is to raise $3000. The deadline for raising the amount is 3 November, 2017. Exclusive rewards are available to supports of the project.

About To The Stars Periclum:

Ad Astra Periclum: is a videogame project by Alexander Fields and his handpicked team of experts, specializing in various aspects of videogame production. The will put their brains together to create a new space simulator revolving around colonization and combat.

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