Alosha Lynov Takes His Fundraising Campaign To Indiegogo For Permaculture Training School Project

Alosha Lynov takes the Indiegogo route to seek funding for building an ecological training that teaches the art of self-sustainable abundant living.

Alosha Lynov, the visionary inventor and international edutainer focused on building self-regenerative, self-replicating, bio-geometric living habitats based on Bio Mimicry principles, has announced that his fund raising campaign on Indiegogo is live for his project. He is aiming to inspire kids to bio-design planetary healing.

“I have been building a permaculture training school in Johannesburg for the last 10 years and have attended live workshops conducted by the leading ecological experts from all over the world,” says Alosha Lynov.  “We are on the verge of completing an ecological off-grid institute that will show how to attain integrated self-sustainability. Our aim is to inspire local communities to enjoy a life of abundance without banks.”

Alosha Lynov is passionate about practical self-sustainability and even sold his event décor business to follow his passion of teaching the planetary community on how they can thrive in harmony and be one with nature without pursuing profits. To get a real experience on the ground, Alosha spent three years on the farm. He experimented with food, water and sustainability to know how large scale operations in this domain can be managed.

The knowledge that Alosha has acquired in the area of self-sustainability is simply unrivaled. He earned his permaculture design certificate from Geoff Lawton, regarded as one of the best teachers. Sewage treatment and tire house construction method techniques were acquired at Earthship headquarters in Taos, New Mexico. He gained information about wetland ecologies at the biggest wetland in Africa, the Okavango Delta, with John Todd and Biomimicry Institute.

According to Alosha, he knows how to create gardens that are bio-intensive and can survive and thrive using 20 times less water than what a conventional garden needs. He has also gained knowledge of dome home construction using air crete through workshops conducted by Dome Gaia. He has also studied sand bag dome home technology from California School of Land Art and Architecture known as Cal-Earth.

Having acquired all the above biological eco technologies and applied wisdom, Alosha feels confident that he along with other like-minded people can create a new model of reality on Earth. According to Alosha, it will be a model alternative to capitalism and money enslaved society.

The Permaculture school is crucial for the future generation as it teaches practical knowledge of all aspects of Self Sufficiency. It shows how to grow one’s own food, build eco homes using waste and without debt and keep cycling all waste water for food irrigation and flushing of loos. The team focuses on skill transferal and share knowledge about self-sufficiency with the rest of the community. The knowledge will be eventually spread to whole townships.

Alosha want people to invest in eco schools and support his grand vision of inspiring one billion people to thrive sustainably on Earth. He is committed to shifting at least one billion people on how to live in harmony with nature and each other with abundance.

The Indiegogo campaign started by Alosha has a financial goal of $40,000. A few weeks remain for the campaign to come to an end.

About Bio Design Planetary Healing:

Bio Design Planetary Healing is an effort by visionary inventor and international edutainer, Alosha Lynov. The incredibly experienced Alosha is focused on building self-regenerative, self-replicating, bio-geometric living habitats based on Bio Mimicry principles. The Permaculture training school in Johannesburg that he intends to develop will teach kids and communities the art of Self Sustainable Abundant Living.

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