Keith Hoang Announces Indiegogo Fundraiser Campaign For Filming of Documentary Love Trust Faith

Keith Hoang announces launch of fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo for funding the movie, Love Trust Faith.

Keith Hoang, spiritual speaker, co-founder of HansonEllis and author of Path To Greatness, has announced launch of campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for producing a film of miracles: Witness the Power of Purpose in Action. Love Trust Faith is a documentary based on real life events of Keith.

“I stepped away from a successful, multi-million dollar e-commerce business in 2007 to pursue a more fulfilling and purposeful life,” says Keith Hoang while explaining his vision on the documentary. “Love Trust Faith is a mission that I have embarked on to share my personal experiences with the world. It has the power to transform your life so that you can achieve true happiness and abundance.”

Love Trust and Faith can expose the true character of people but can make life more interesting and meaningful for them according to Keith Hoang. This is a documentary of hope that has the power to inspire people to open up their heart and take a leap of faith to see what is possible. When they do that, they can achieve greatness and even create their own personal path to greatness.

Keith himself faced seven long years of uncertainty before the restoration and abundance of God came into his life suddenly and effortlessly. Those who follow the same path of love, trust and faith can expect similar miracles in their life and find a purpose to live a more meaningful life.

Keith Hoang is of the opinion that when one person’s dreams begin to create real value for others, that real purpose of life is being fulfilled. It helps humans become their best version and they gift it to the world. The effort to do good to others comes without any need to motivate oneself relentlessly. However, it keeps such individuals in a state of high activation and they always want to give and never expect to receive. They begin to love those to whom they give instead of only giving to those whom they love.

According to Keith, all human beings are created to love and expressing love can be the key communication medium for all. This can help bring nations together as one human race, regardless of religions, languages spoken and ethnicity. True happiness and abundance happens when people are filled with this love.

Keith is a popular speaker and gets invites to speak at many business conferences. He helps top leaders unleash their inner power for purposeful living. His entrepreneurial tenacity and faith has earned him the respect and love of Western and Eastern spiritual leaders such as Archbishop Emeritus Sylvain Lavoie OMI, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada and Derek Lin, Award-winning, Bestselling Author in the Tao Genre. Both leaders of Western and Eastern spirituality have endorsed his book, “Path To Greatness” which show readers how to experience greater joy and improved quality of life.

Keith Hoang has a flexible financial goal of $40,000 which he is attempting to raise through the campaign on Indiegogo.

About Love Trust Faith:

Love Trust Faith is a project by Keith Hoang. The film of miracles that documents real life incidents from the life of Keith Hoang showcases the power of purpose in action. The documentary helps discover the truth to achieve happiness and abundance and shows how to live a purposeful life.

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