Solarity Studios Promotes HackDFW Event

Program Helps With Producing New Green Apps For International Use

Carrollton, TX – September 18, 2017 – Solarity Studios supported efforts from HackDFW and Earth Day Texas. The Earthack partnership between HackDFW and Earth Day Texas took place in April 2017 as a program to promote environmental support.

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The three-day hacking event entailed people working to produce dozens of programs and mobile applications that are designed to help promote environmental support in many forms. This included support for sustainable solutions that are achieved through technical programing support.

Solarity and Alex Kinter supported the programs that were produced during the event and focus on many special features that make it easier for people to participate in green activities. The top app of the event was Ridr, a ride-sharing app that helps to reduce pollution by helping people find numerous carpooling opportunities in a local area.

The programs were reviewed to help with bringing about environmental and social change. This comes with support for a number of essential functions for keeping the environment safe and secure.

O3 Energy Solutions also took part in the special Earth Day Texas events. This focused on reviewing how individual apps being developed at the program would help with creating stronger approaches to numerous activities that people can get into. The programs are all safe and easy for many people to use for their general demands.

The event especially brought about a massive number of people from around Texas and other parts of the country. A majority of participants were college students who worked on a number of special tasks and functions to help with reviewing various programs and efforts.

Participants from Mexico, Guatemala and Egypt among a few other countries around the world also participated in the event. This highlights the general importance of the event and how vital it is for people around the world to take part in solutions to help with resolving many problems relating to global warming and other common concerns that have developed all around the world.

Solarity Studios is continuing to support general development standards for producing apps that can assist in protecting the environment.

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