Crossed Iron Steel Stainless Steel Cups Available For Sale

Fire Department-Inspired Cups Highlight Strong Surface That is Reusable and Easy to Clean

Cedar Creek, TX – September 18, 2017 – Wylwood Creations is promoting a distinct new brand called Crossed Iron Steel. This brand is selling new stainless steel cups in sets of four. These cups are made to be effective and useful for all kinds of drinking needs that people may have.

These 15-ounce stainless steel cups are designed with more than just fine steel bodies in mind. These cups are also made with a strong inspiration in mind as they are influenced by fire departments from around the country.

The manufacturers of Crossed Iron Steel are people who work as volunteer fire department members. Their interest in working with the fire service has inspired them to create to Crossed Iron Steel brand.

The steel is made to be strong and powerful. It can handle the wear of daily life without any problems. This is an intriguing brand that is inspired by the strong and durable fire departments that keep the country protected. The fire shield symbol of Crossed Iron Steel even signifies the great power of the fire departments.

The stainless steel cups for sale are made with powerful bodies. They contain no lead or chemicals. These are also brushed and polished so they will last for years without risking any bacteria or rust.

These cups are stackable and reusable. They can be utilized in many situations and are easy to wash off. They also have well insulated bodies to create a nice look all around while keeping all drinks cold.

Each cup is dishwasher safe so it will not wear out even as it is being washed with other items. The strong steel does not bend or break apart and therefore fits in well for many drinking needs that anyone might have.

Crossed Iron Steel is offering these cups for sale in sets of four. They come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year replacement warranty. These features ensure that customers will be protected with great quality cups for their general usage needs.

The stainless steel cups are available on Amazon. Daily coupons will be available starting Monday (Sept 18th) – Friday (Sept 22nd) on Social Media sites such as FaceBook and Twitter (CrossedIronStl) and to subscribe, like or follow today. 

Additional information on these cups for sale can be found online at The site is offering these cups for sale and is offering coupon codes to people who visit the site.

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