Iron Man and Jarvis Come Closer to Reality with ORCA, the ‘Intelligent’ Drone

A new ‘intelligent drone is now bringing the fictional ‘Iron Man’ to real life. ORCA is the world’s first voice operated AI drone that can be maneuvered by talking to its inbuilt ‘Jarvis’. The game changing drone is the creation of FLiFLi, a company devoted to AI drones, whose crowd funding on Indiegogo is currently open for backers and contributors.

Drones are now a part of the latest evolving technology, and with artificial intelligence they can even match the best of fictional heroes such as ‘Iron Man’. ORCA is an ample demonstration of this power with its voice controlled technology, 360º Augmented Reality viewing features and an intelligent HUD.

“Our team has been thinking about how to achieve this dream of flying like the ‘Iron Man’ for a long time through research and development. Finally, we have come out with the result: ORCA, the AI drone that could be controlled by your voice like Jarvis of the Iron Man,” says a spokesperson from FLiFLi.

ORCA is the drone that one has never imagined before. Operated on auto-pilot, its voice control recognizes the user’s voice and obeys verbal instructions such as changing the altitude or flying to a different location.  The drone includes a 3-sided interactive heads up display (HUD) to check GPS, altitude, velocity and other parameters via the internet. Videos captured by ORCA are automatically transferred to social media in a Wi-Fi zone.

The team at FLiFLi comprises experts from hardware, software and product design, each passionate about making drones ready for the future.

“We have been working hard with enthusiasm to bridge between the latest AI and AR technology to our drone with high quality tech and affordable prices to bring a whole new revolution to the drone industry,” said the spokesperson from FLiFLi.

The Indiegogo campaign for backing ORCA ends October 6, 2017 on Indiegogo.

About FLiFLi

Based in New Jersey, US, FLiFLi has been consistently growing bigger and bigger with innovative ideas to fulfill people’s satisfaction in their lifestyle. UTM Inc. was established in 2008, and FLiFLi Brand Identity was made in July 2016. Our Very First Product Concept of FLiFLi AirDrop (Launched on Amazon in April 2017) and LifeBattery AIR (Inspired by, Designed for Apple) was settled in August 2017. Your support gives us a valuable opportunity to make your valuable life comfortable.

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