Skincare products by Simply Dana beauty receive great reviews on Amazon

The skin care and personal care products by Simply Dana Beauty have received great reviews by the customers on So far, the brand has launched seven products at Amazon, all of which have great reviews to back up the popularity and effectiveness of the product. The brand is known for its 100% natural formulations that are not tested on animals.

One of the popular items in the store is Simply Dana’s Eyelash Growth Serum that helps in promoting eyelash growth and strength. It contains peptides that act on skin cells to create a sturdier foundation for eyelash growth. Being a natural product, it is safe and effective to use. The product, when used regularly is promised to lengthen, widen and strengthen eyelashes. “Nice product only one application a day is enough to see the result on your eyelashes. They look healthier and you look sexy. I definitely love this product and recommend it. You will see results quickly”, says user Sophie on Amazon.

Simply Dana Rapid Lift is an age reversing serum that fights the signs of aging such as fine lines, large pores etc. On application, it instantly creates the appearance of tighter and youthful skin. It works by tightening and firming the areas of concern. The product is also appreciated for its hydrating and nourishing properties by many customers on Amazon such as Jane Jakins who says in her review, “As promised this little tube has some power lifting and tightening cream. After just couple days of using I already started to feel the difference in skin results. A small amount blended in well, and no redness or heat with using. I like the way it makes my skin feel soft and more hydrated”.

The customers can also find the Rose hip Seed Oil cleanser that provides deep cleansing and hydration to the skin. It also delivers collagen boosting Vitamin A to the skin and helps with healthy regeneration of skin cells. The brand also offers tinted moisturizing sunscreen that provides SPF 30 rated UV protection. It consists of natural oils that rehydrate the skin and keep it protected from damaging effects of the sun. The Simply Dana transformation Oil is another popular skin care product in the store that hydrates, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. It reduces and prevents fine lines & wrinkles through its antioxidant and omega 3 ingredients. This product is best suited for the dry and damaged skin.

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