Magician HAFID GOOD launches Kickstarter for a cutting-edge magic show of a lifetime

Magic is my passion and my job.

Hafid Good, a driven, talented and charismatic magician who came up with a whole different way of sharing the magic with his audience. Looking forward to his participation in Britains Got Talent in 2018, Hafid is gearing up to show British audience some good times theyll be sure to remember for a lifetime.

To make his vision come true and keep performing cutting-edge magic shows, Hafid is asking for your help and support!

He recently started a campaign on Kickstarter, where he reached out to the audience to ask for help funding the purchase of an exceptional screen – an innovative technology that will enable him to make his vision come to life and present his show to the audience!

You can support Hafid right know and donate through Kickstarter from the link at the bottom of this text. Pledges include simple thank you notes, or more exciting packages, such as learning magic tricks of various levels (simple or advanced) and even VIP passes, show tickets and magic close-ups directly at your home!


Find out more and pledge now! Visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

Media Contact
Company Name: HAFID GOOD
City: London
Country: United Kingdom