Xcener attends the 2017 Australian Blockchain Mission to China

On September 13, 2017, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) together with Standards Australia and Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA) invited a group of top Australian enterprises and industry leaders for the 2017 Australian Blockchain Mission to China.

During the meeting, commercial consul Susan from Australian consulate general in Shanghai addressed that as a country where the digital payment last year has reached U.S $5.5 trillion (50 times higher than that in America) and systems left over by the history presented no problem, Chinese technological companies, financial institutions, the government and businesses from all walks of life are exploring how to integrate the blockchain with the Internet of Things (IoT), technological finance and more extensively innovation-driven development.

Having operating in China for three years, the blockchain application Xcener Blockchain on behalf of the Chinese side demonstrated food traceability and data tracing of the supply chain based on blockchain in this meeting.

Agriculture and food industry of any kind have always been a major strategy in our country and agriculture is paid much significance on in every country. As consumption markets of high frequency, agriculture and food industry will spend the next 5 or 10 years on consumption upgradation, when more products and food producers have to offer consumers real valuable food merchandises to stand out from other brands. In this market environment, data tracing of the supply chain using Xcener Blockchain is not only a win-win for both the market and producers, also a reliable way for relevant departments to exercise their right of supervision.

In the digital age, if data can be valued and is considered an asset, China then is making the whole world envious. But the biggest difference between blockchain data and traditional Internet information lies in the capability to be verified and traced to the source. Traditional Internet data information lost its value when it was copied for 100 or 1000 times and every data was open to copy and alteration. Since the HTTP protocol was invented in 1974, traditional Internet can exchange with different data information from a single mainframe. Internet around the world made no change to the HTTP/IP protocol after 1974. However, in 2008, blockchain technology derived from bitcoin invented by Dorian S. Nakamoto, which no longer depended on HTTP protocol. The feature of blockchain is that to input data into blocks derives a hash value, which is sole and unique and can not be tampered with. Once entered the blockchain, any change in data will derive a new hash and eliminate the original hash, thereby ensuring that all data information becomes data assets of its unique value.

Under this circumstances, in addition to data tracing of the agriculture supply chain, the founder of Xcener Blockchain launched a blockchain underlying protocol for real world data based on Ethereum—Scry.info. Scry.info is the world’s first blockchain-based quantitative data providing and exchanging platform for storage, verification, utilization, analysis, sharing and trading of real world data. Interactions within the Scry community are made through Scry.info’s built-in smart contracts to access, share and utilize a wide spectrum of data as fed and verified by the mass users on a distributed basis. Scry.info also enables users to customize industry/event-specific smart contracts to be applied to various scenarios and niches, such polls or prediction markets in sports, entertainment, agriculture, financial market and so forth.

The future world must be a highly digitalized world where those who possesses affluent commercial data can realize the value of data and build a unique protection for its value by establishing their own DAPP. Both Xcener and Scry.info are committed to lay a firm foundation for an authentic and trustworthy world of data and build a digitalized world.

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