From Broke to Breaking Even and Beyond: Bounce Back Using the Budget Blueprint

Himiko Sadiki, Creator of Budget Blueprint
Successful real estate agent and investor Himiko Sadiki has developed a new online course, The Budget Blueprint that she believes will take people from “barely getting by” to thriving.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

San Francisco, CA – Himiko Sadiki is a successful real estate agent in California making the type of income she always wanted, but it wasn’t always this way. Just a few years ago Sadiki hit rock bottom, both personally and professionally. Unable to overcome the crash in the real estate market she found herself beneath a mountain of debt and with bankruptcy in her future. She fell into depression, shaken from the fall. It was in that period of despair that she says she found herself. After making the decision to get back up, she poured herself into the quest for knowledge.  According to Sadiki, it was the process of falling down and getting back up again that gave her not only the strength she needed to become what she is today but also the knowledge. Today Sadiki not only owns her own home, but makes upwards of six figures each and every year in the real estate market. She attributes her success to a budget plan that helped her put money away to get out of debt.

“My life is a testament to the value in having a few trials and tribulations in your past,” says Sadiki. “I hit rock bottom and pulled myself back up again. This was very important in my later success. I believe in failing. It gives you that opportunity to learn mechanics, discipline, and gain knowledge. Michael Jordan was talking one time about how many missed shots he had made over his career—something like nine thousand shots and three hundred lost games. All of that made him the GOAT, the greatest of all time. I told myself to be like Mike and learn from failure. That’s how I developed The Budget Blueprint.”

The Budget Blueprint was what she developed to put her finances in order and pay down her debt. Not only was she able to bring herself out of bankruptcy, but also create a path to future success. She is now a homeowner again, a successful business woman, and a life coach for those who are having financial difficulties. Losing almost everything in the real estate crash was a wake up call that she used to create the blueprint for a brighter future.

“I was bad off,” she says. “Really bad off, but determined. I learned everything I could about budgeting, finances, and investing and used it to my advantage. Not only did I get myself out of debt, but I’m now a four time President’s Award winner and two time Pinnacle winner in my field. That means I’m selling upwards of twenty million dollars in real estate. If I can do it, so can you. That’s why I’m now teaching people my method. I tell folks I can help them grow credit and get out of debt using their own money.”

A careful review of the testimonials on her website and it appears that her counseling has paid off for many who didn’t have the financial ability to buy a home or put money aside for investments. Sadiki has created a blueprint for others to get where they need to be in regards to their debts and to put themselves in the fast track for future success.

“I know how the system works now,” says Sadiki. “I know how to work with budgets and build that egg needed to get into a home. My five module online course is going to help countless people develop the financial profile that will help them live the life of their dreams.”

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